Kudlow on February jobs and near term economic outlook


Originalism, it’s a good thing


“…The nation’s legal culture ultimately determines how the Constitution is interpreted. When originalism had fallen into desuetude, the Warren Court decided cases without substantial, if any, consideration of very plausible originalist positions. It did not even deign to respond to overwhelmingly powerful originalist arguments, such as those made by Justice John Marshall Harlan in dissent in Reynolds v. Sims. That kind of performance is no longer conceivable because originalism has established an important foothold in the legal culture.

This new culture is not only a consequence of having originalist judges but also of having originalist scholars analyzing the meaning of constitutional clauses. There is a necessary division of labor between judges and scholars. Judges cannot generally be expected to do original research. They must rely on the work of experts, transmitted to them through the adversary system. We have seen this collaboration transform the law before: Justices translated the free market antitrust theories of scholars like Robert Bork and Richard Posner into a newly coherent doctrine.

Moreover, one of the obstacles to the growth of originalism has been the claim that much of the Constitution is indeterminate—that is, that its key provisions, like the Due Process Clause and Equal Protection Clause, do not a have a meaning sufficiently clear to generate legal decisions. But as the culture of originalism gains hold, scholars are showing that the inability to define the meaning of these clauses is not due to their indeterminacy but our ignorance of their legal meaning. Modern originalism recovers much knowledge that was lost during its years of abandonment…”


On the education apocalypse

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Stephen Kruiser:

“…We’re going to lead off today with a topic that is sadly evergreen and that needs to be written and talked about until it no longer is. Higher education in America is a pathetic, roiling cesspool of leftist lunacy that works feverishly to mint new socialists/communists/whatever every day right under our noses…”



Less than 2 percent of Harvard faculty are conservative, survey finds.

Gaffes, or something else?

I agree with this. Biden is not looking super good. He seems to have deteriorated in just the last few months.

Democratic Descent into Madness

Many younger folks have no idea about the list of nefarious things in the following snippet. Schools do not teach real history.

Steve Mateucci:

“…The Democratic Party has sunk lower than it has ever descended in its long history. That’s a high bar to climb over, too. This party has pushed some of the worst ideas and most destructive policies ever seen, including its defense of slavery and the Confederacy during the Civil War; the creation of the KKK to harass and kill former slaves; the enactment of an intricate web of laws throughout the South to prevent former slaves and their descendants from exercising their full rights as citizens; calling in armed soldiers to prevent black kids from attending state college; using “progressive” policies to destroy great cities across the country (Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago, and San Francisco among them); passing off a serial sexual predator as a champion defender of women; attempting to destroy the U.S. healthcare industry while lying through their teeth about it; nominating Hillary Clinton as its candidate for President; using the power of the federal government to spy on the rival party’s presidential candidate; and Chuck Schumer…”


Kevin McCarthy on Pelosi holding up the vote on Coronavirus funding

“…Look how much politics they want to play. The dirty little secret. We have the coronavirus. We need to fund this. You know what Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker, did? She withheld the bill last week. You know why? So the DCCC could run ads against seven Republicans.”

“They actually took the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, spent money, went into these seven Republican seats to campaign against them about the coronavirus when she’s the Speaker of the House. Instead of putting America first, she put her politics first and kept the bill from coming to the floor…”


Graham starts depositions in FISA probe


“…Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said on Tuesday that he has started closed-door interviews as part of his deep dive into the surveillance courts and the FBI’s Russia probe.

Graham confirmed to reporters that he has started the depositions, then escaped into a Senate elevator.

Graham is using his gavel to probe the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) surveillance warrants involving Trump campaign associate Carter Page and the FBI’s handling of the investigation into Russia’s election meddling and the Trump campaign.

He’s requested testimony from more than 20 current Justice Department and FBI officials.

He also wants to call former officials including former FBI Director James Comey, former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates before his committee.

The deep dive comes amid growing concerns about the potential for abuse of the FISC after Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz found 17 “significant inaccuracies and omissions” in the Page warrant application…”


Mark Robinson

RALEIGH, N.C. — A man who gave a fiery speech for gun rights two years ago in Greensboro won the Republican primary in North Carolina’s lieutenant governor’s race Tuesday night.

Mark Robinson, who was seeking his first elected office, topped eight other candidates, likely winning the primary without a runoff and shocking pundits. He spent less than other candidates – one a state senator who put half a million dollars into his own campaign – and he didn’t have the statewide platform or political experience of others.

“We’re not pretentious. I’m not spreading a political message. I’m spreading a message of strong conservatism.”

Robinson believes there is a false narrative being spread by the media about racism in the Republican Party — “We’ve allowed other people to dictate the narrative and tell the story. I’ve not seen any racism in the Republican Party the whole time I’ve been in it.”


Doug Santo