Sad commentary on America’s education system

My favorite headline today

Biden dog takes a poop by the White House Diplomatic Room

Photo ID to vote is common sense

Requiring photo IDs to vote used to be bipartisan, now Democrats call it ‘Jim Crow’

School choice can turn the tables on the institutionalized corruption between Democrats and Teachers’ unions

In a Rebuke to Teachers Unions, School Choice Is Going Gangbusters in the States

“…School districts are slowly beginning to reopen in-person instruction after being closed for nearly a year—or, in many places, for over a year. While this is a wonderful development, it will never erase what parents experienced last year: uncertainty, inconsistency, and, in some cases, ineptitude from public schools.

The events of the last year have demonstrated to many families that public schools are not always the reliable institutions many thought they were. It also opened their eyes to just how powerful the teachers unions are, and revealed what many already suspected: that their modus operandi is not to support teachers who want to teach but to score political wins.

Thankfully, in response to these disappointments, multiple state legislatures are undertaking one of the biggest expansions of school choice in history…”


Legislators Override Kentucky Governor’s Veto of School Choice Bill

Biden Administration is doing everything possible to destroy our military

USMC ‘Extremism’ Training Follows the SPLC Playbook to Demonize Conservatives

“…This vague definition of extremism opens the floodgates for political demonization. What does it mean to say that Marines cannot advocate for organizations that “advance efforts to deprive individuals of their civil rights”? Which rights are in question? Can Marines advocate for gun control groups that want to weaken Americans’ civil right to gun ownership? Can Marines advocate for pro-life groups that seek to undermine a woman’s “right” to abortion under Roe v. Wade (1973)?…”

Teachers’ in San Diego provide in-person instruction to illegal alien children but not American citizens. Can the Teacher’s get more stupid?

Teachers’ Unions Are Heading for the Ninth Circle of Hell

“…San Diego parents who are fighting in court to get their kids back in school in person are now outraged to learn that kids who just came over the border are getting in-person instruction from some of the very teachers union members who have said the COVID-19 pandemic is too dangerous for in-person learning.

Fox News reports that the San Diego County Office of Education said it was “providing the educational program for the unaccompanied migrant children” because “we have a moral obligation to ensure a bright future for our children.”

The “moral obligation” to teach the San Diego citizen students in-person was left on the cutting-room floor somewhere between trips to court and labor negotiations over COVID fears.

Happily, teachers’ fears are now miraculously extinguished as some of them will be spending spring break teaching the children who were just brought by cartels and other nefarious characters to flood the border and come into the US illegally…”

Apparently, it’s only American children who are going to give teachers the Wuhan Bat Flu and the randos who illegally cross the border are granted some sort of magical immunity by the Fauci Fairy.

Leading from behind from a position of weakness

GOP Blasts ‘Outrageous’ Biden Admin Offer to Roll Back Iran Sanctions

“…Admin breaks promise to not offer sanctions relief until Iran negotiates

Congressional Republicans are calling the Biden administration’s reported plan to roll back sanctions on Iran before it commits to renewed diplomatic talks an unacceptable concession that will only embolden the hardline regime and reward its bad behavior.

As Iran continues to balk at U.S. proposals for direct negotiations on a deal, the Biden administration is becoming desperate. American officials are now said to be offering Iran immediate relief from tough economic sanctions in exchange for commitments to scale back portions of its nuclear program and halt enriching uranium to levels needed for a weapon, according to Politico. That proposal, Republican foreign policy leaders told the Washington Free Beacon, breaks multiple promises from Secretary of State Antony Blinken to not lift sanctions until Tehran agrees to sit down with the United States and other world powers. Republicans also are learning of the proposal via media reports, highlighting the administration’s continued efforts to conceal its diplomatic pursuits from critics in Congress…”

Our government at work. Who cares, it’s just taxpayer money.

Feds Begin Hiring $144,000-Per-Year Babysitters for ‘Urgent’ Job Watching Kids Illegally Sent Over U.S. Border.

More black on Asian violence in New York

Where is our intrepid and brave media?

Skin colors aren’t right for the narrative, so it’s not news.

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This woman is vice president of the United States. One step away…

Americans voted for this

The adults are in charge now!

Biden CDC director starts crying… Warns of ‘impending doom’

Antifa window repair team – Capitalism by day, communism by night

Covid is politics. Mask wearing is politics.

The WHO’s Own Data Suggest the Futility of Masks and Lockdowns

WHO Data Sweden Czechia

“…The World Health Organization’s latest COVID-19 data from both European nations presents a stark difference between how they responded to the pandemic — and which response was the proper one.

There I was, scrolling through my MeWe timeline, minding my own business (and trying to avoid doing any actual work) when I came across this gem of a chart.

The data contained is current as of March 19, 2021.

As you can see, Sweden got its COVID cases out of the way early, without any economy-destroying shutdowns or liberty-destroying personal restrictions. Czechia went entirely the other direction, yet even now cases are spiking…”

Senior Biden Administrator – Self described expert on mental health.

Being a member of the woke left elite is not easy. Thank goodness they are willing to brave the hazards to rule over the unwashed hordes.

Kamala Harris Reportedly Unhappy Living In 70,000-Square-Foot House

Property contains 119 rooms, including 14 guest bedrooms and 35 bathrooms

Washington, UNITED STATES: The flag of Japan flies infront of Blair House, the presidential guest house, where US President George W. Bush will meet with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe 26 April 2007 before a social dinner at the White House in Washington, DC. AFP PHOTO/Mandel NGAN (Photo credit should read

“…Blair House, right across Pennsylvania Avenue from the White House, has been called “the world’s most exclusive hotel.”

The massive complex of four townhouses is used as a state guest house to host visiting dignitaries and other guests of the president.

“The property contains 119 rooms, including 14 guest bedrooms and 35 bathrooms, among other functional spaces. At 70,000 square feet, Blair House is larger than the White House,” the General Services Administration says on its webpage.

But it’s reportedly not Vice President Kamala Harris’ cup of tea.

While Harris took office on Jan. 20, she and her husband have not moved in to the vice president’s mansion because it is being renovated. CNN went so far as to say that the couple is “living out of suitcases.”…”

Hypocrisy of woke corporations exposed by satire site doing the work of mainstream journalism

Nike Factory Graciously Offers To House Unaccompanied Migrant Children

“…BEAVERTON, OR—Sneaker manufacturer Nike has graciously reached out to the Biden administration with an offer to house thousands of unaccompanied migrant children at their factories around the globe.

“Nike is committed to being a good corporate citizen. We are proud to assist the Biden administration by caring for these unaccompanied migrant children,” a spokesman for the company said Friday. “We have plenty of factories all around the globe with lots of room for kids. We’re here to help!”

The spokesman said that the migrant children will be fed, clothed, and educated by Nike employees until permanent homes can be found for them. In addition to a regular school curriculum, Nike said they will focus heavily on recreational activities.

“The core of our plan is our arts and crafts program,” the spokesman said. “These lucky kids will get to spend up to 18 hours each day on fun activities such as leather-working, sewing, and embroidery. What could possibly be more fun than that?”

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said the move makes sense on many levels. “When it comes to looking after thousands of orphaned children from impoverished countries, nobody has more experience than Nike,” she noted…”

More fallout from Biden border policies – First round of 500 illegal teen girls arrive in San Diego

Migrant girls start arriving at San Diego Convention Center shelter

“…SAN DIEGO — Officials unveiled the San Diego Convention Center’s new migrant shelter Saturday, where 500 teen girls seeking asylum in the U.S. were expected to have arrived by the end of the day.

A handful of supporters with signs greeted one bus carrying a group of girls as it arrived at the convention center around 10 p.m. Mayor Todd Gloria said officials are expecting 250 additional young women to arrive Monday, then hundreds more in the days to come. The shelter will exclusively serve girls ages 13 to 17, according to Gloria, and will eventually house as many as 1,450…”

Human smuggling resulting from Biden Administration border policies and statements from senior officials

Video sent to KENS 5 shows dozens of illegals pouring out of a trailer in Frio County. The Frio County Sheriff’s Office said the incident took place around noon Monday in Pearsall.

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