Reflections on the loss of an old cabin

Home. A permanent place of residence especially as a member of a family or household. This is how I thought of the cabin. A place of family and memories. A place of permanence, strength, and shelter. As with all things in life, this was only partly true, for the only thing permanent is change. And change came in August 2021. The cabin was consumed by wildfire. Loss of the cabin was an emotional blow. A blow that caused me to reflect on the foundation of things. Things that we have – blessings, really. We have health, happiness, family, friends, and memories.

Memories. Of these, I have many.

Sitting on the deck in the early afternoon of a warm August day. A cool breeze blowing through the trees. Cars rushing by on the highway on their way to Tahoe or points east. The fresh and invigorating smell of the pine forest. The dappled rays of light penetrating down through the canopy of green branches. Firewood. The creaky, leaning, old building flexing under my feet. Cool water at the sink. The soot-stained stones of the fireplace. The old gas wall heater. Old copies of National Geographic magazines. The small humorous sketch books of skiing in the bathroom. The small shower. Coming down the steep stairs in the middle of the night in pitch blackness to pee. The barkless tree branch you grabbed as you climbed the stairs and the way it flexed with your weight.

I remember talking with Lee Ann in the kitchen while I helped her with some cooking chore. Playing dominoes with Ralph out on the deck. Working on the foundation for the deck extension along the front of the cabin. Painting windows and other household chores. I remember hikes around Echo Lake and taking the ferry boat back to the dock. Walks among the neighbor cabins and down by the stream. Talking about the different cabins we saw in the area. Lee Ann would bring me a drink out on the deck. A water glass full of ice and bourbon. I’d say, “holy cow, Lee Ann, I can’t drink all that!” And then I would, and then I’d get another. I remember Austin running around like a crazy boy, doing things grandma asked him not to do, and then getting a talking to. I remember the dogs. Dinner around the kitchen table. Sleeping upstairs. Slabbing the red fir that fell with Tommy and Ralph and Jon.

Deep memories that bring me comfort.

Goodbye old cabin. I loved you.

Don’t worry congressional Democrats have their finger on the pulse of America…

In Response To Afghanistan Disaster, Pelosi Begins Impeachment Proceedings Against President Trump

“…WASHINGTON, D.C.—Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has announced Congress will be taking action immediately as the situation in Afghanistan rapidly deteriorates. To hold those responsible for the evacuation debacle, Congress will consider articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump.

“Good morning, Thursday morning,” Pelosi said during a press conference this morning, which was Thursday morning. “We’re facing a dire situation in Afghanistan, and that means we as Congress need to do our duty to hold those responsible accountable for their horrible, horrible actions. That’s why, effective immediately, I’m introducing articles of impeachment against the president. President Donald Trump.”

Pelosi says Trump being impeached a third time won’t actually accomplish anything. But, she says, it will send a clear message to Trump that she doesn’t like him, which is the important thing. “He didn’t get the message the first two times,” she said. “Now the world will know for sure that the orange man truly is bad.”

“The walls are closing in. We got him this time.”

Trump says he welcomes the impeachment as he will be the first president in the history of the world to be acquitted three times. “That’s huge!” he said, addressing his supporters on the few social networks that have not yet banned him. “Sleepy Joe hasn’t even been acquitted once. Sad and pathetic!”


Conniving California Democrats ‘Gut-and-Amend’ Transportation Bill to Force Vaccine Mandate on Private Businesses

The latest from the socialist soviet republic known as California.

‘Hostage Video’: Fox News’ Jen Griffin Shocked at Blinken’s Videotaped Afghanistan Withdrawal Speech

Much of what passes for government seems otherworldly, unconnected to reality.

North Korea Restarts Weapons-Grade Yongbyon Nuclear Reactor Halted Under Trump

Americas’ enemies sense weakness, confusion, retreat from the Biden Administration.

Oregon Vaccine Mandate Could Lead to Mass Exodus of Firefighters and Paramedics Across the State

Democrat governance – Oregon style. California is right behind these superstars.

Colorado Election Fraud: Soros-Backed Secretary of State Permanently Blocks Arizona-Style Audits

Democrats cheat and they don’t like you knowing about it. You may not question election integrity – unless Democrats lose. Democrats lose and these latest measures will be discarded so fast it will make your head spin.

Democrats cheat. That’s the takeaway.

A Stunning Number of Absentee Ballots in DeKalb County, Georgia, Violated Chain-of-Custody Rules

Just another Democrats cheat election story. Noting to see here.

Chicago Judge Reverses Own Decision, Allows Unvaccinated Mom to See Her Son

Even petty Democrat tyrants in Chicago have a heart. Thanks judge. Should we all bow down to your highness now.

Poll: 84% of Americans curiously opposed to bugging out and abandoning citizens

Even after the sustained media/Democrat onslaught, some sanity remains.

Federal Trade Commission to probe gas station mergers as prices climb

The old diversion trick, “Look over there. They went that a way”

Department of Education to become mask Gestapo (perverse)

The Morning Briefing: Biden Weaponizes Dept. of Education to Become the COVID Mask Gestapo

“…The mask fetishists have really been letting their freak flags fly under the cover that Biden’s Afghanistan cock-up has been giving them. They get creepier by the hour. Seriously, these people need to be rounded up and put in some sort of leper colony for fascists. They will be free to keep the masks on their enraged faces all they want.

They’re empowered by a government that is now in the hands of people who are all too casual about using its might against any citizens who don’t agree with them. I’m not talking about criminals, I’m talking about law-abiding Americans who are merely running afoul of the liberal narrative du jour. We saw it happen when Barack Obama was president and he sent the IRS after conservative tea party groups…”


“…In case you were under the impression that every government institution isn’t irreparably infiltrated by liberty-hating scum, I regret to inform you that the Department of Education has launched an obviously political hit-job disguised as an “investigation” into the last five free states in America for rejecting mask mandates for schoolchildren. It’s not enough for our overlords that a vast majority of the United States forces kindergartners to inhale their own carbon dioxide through snot-filled rags for six hours a day, but every single state must comply with the unscientific masking mandates to stop the spread of COVID—or they will be punished with lawfare and government agency-directed witch hunts.

For the record, there isn’t one current study that shows masking had any effect on the transmission of the virus. In fact, the CDC was caught with its pants down after hiding the fact that one of its own studies showed that masks in schools don’t do anything significant to “slow the spread”of COVID. But you are to ignore the facts in favor of the feelings of hysterical people who want to control you and what you wear on your face for the rest of your life because… just do it, peasant!…”

California Democrats pulling out all the stops to save Newsom

Scandal As Newsom Campaign Produces Old Yearbook Photo Showing Larry Elder In Blackface

“…SACRAMENTO, CA—Larry Elder’s campaign for governor of California was thrown into turmoil today after Gavin Newsom’s anti-recall campaign produced never-before-seen yearbook photos showing Larry Elder wearing blackface.

“This is beyond the pale,” said French Chef Pierre D’issoir, who is running Newsom’s campaign. “Not only is Larry Elder totally a white supremacist, but we now have proof that he wore blackface as a young man in college! Absolument honteux!”

Newsom will be spending $12 million in predominately black areas of Southern California to remind black voters that Elder is a fake black person—and that pasty white millionaire, winery owner, and French cuisine connoisseur Gavin Newsom is a better choice for the black community than Larry Elder.

“Sometimes we need to spend millions of dollars to remind minorities what’s best for them,” said Newsom. “Right now, what’s best for them is being locked in their homes and given forced vaccinations. Larry Elder will try to come in and offer to lower their taxes, give them jobs, and heal their communities, but the thing that really matters here is that he wore blackface.”

The scandal deepened later that afternoon when Larry Elder made an appearance, still wearing blackface…”

Kurt Schlichter rips the bone-headed fools that voted for Biden and demands accountability for their foolish vote.

Own Your Failure Biden Voters

“…For the elite, Trump was a threat to their gravy train and an utterly intolerable insult to their puffed-up self-image. Trump saw the scam clearly because he was of them – he hung out with the elite all his life, and he took pleasure at their pathetic groveling for dollars. But while he sometimes gave them money, he did not give them respect, because he knew they deserve none and he was incapable of pretending that they did. They had to destroy him, and his entire presidency was consumed with demonstrably false pseudo-controversies from the fake Russia nonsense to the fake Ukraine nonsense to the fake insurrection nonsense.

So, the elite were never going to support their nemesis. It was in neither their economic nor aesthetic interest. And, as our ruling caste is defined by its utter refusal to accept any accountability for its myriad fumbles, it will never admit it and conduct the kind of personal inventory that electing this catastrophe of an administration requires.

But the regular people who voted against him – that’s a different story, because they voted against their interests. The economy was humming, and even after the elite’s Chi Com comrades inflicted the pangolin pandemic on us, we were coming back. We were energy independent. The border was getting secure. Taxes got cut. Soleimani was a cinder and ISIS was a skid mark. We had no new wars, and the one in Afghanistan was set to end without a live production of Miss Saigon II: We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Airbases.

But then there were those mean tweets, those awful mean tweets. And all the racism and sexism and homophobia and more racism and … well, there wasn’t any of that but there still had to be some because, well, you know, reasons. So, a bunch of people voted for “normality,” which really meant the absence of a perpetual media-fueled ruling class tantrum at the uppity upstart backed by all those red-hatted flag/gun/Jesus people from West Dakota and South Virginia and that other state with all the corn…”

Dr. Robert Malone on Ivermectin in Africa


Covid treatment is hopelessly politicized. Hospital refuses to treat patient with Ivermectin despite doctor’s prescription. Wife sues. Political medicine – Democrat style.

Judge orders West Chester Hospital to treat COVID-19 patient with anti-parasite drug despite CDC warning

Biden calls Black adviser ‘boy’ during FEMA briefing. Remind me again who the racists are in this country.

President Biden called a Black adviser “boy” during a Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) briefing on Monday.

The president used the term while introducing his senior adviser Cedric Richmond, a former Louisiana congressman.

“I’m here with my senior adviser and boy who knows Louisiana very, very well and New Orleans, Cedric Richmond,” Biden said at a press briefing with FEMA after Hurricane Ida rocked Louisiana.