Morning Consult: 65% of rural voters view Democrat Party unfavorably

The Culture War Has Democrats Facing Electoral Demise in Rural America. Can They Stop the Bleeding?

    • 65% of rural voters view the Democratic Party unfavorably — including 48% who do so strongly.
    • Among 21 issues tested, a rural voter’s desire for candidates to support securing the U.S.-Mexico border had the strongest correlation with negative views about the Democratic Party.
    • Only 23% of rural voters say the Democratic Party “cares more about my community” than the GOP.

I wonder how many Americans know who Bill Barr is? This is for elite media and Washington politicians. It shows how big is the gulf between paleo-Republicans, Democrats, media personalities and the average American. The gulf is huge. The elites live in a different world and have no idea what goes on planet normal.

Former AG Barr Blames Trump for January 6, Calls for Different 2024 Nominee

I think Barr sold his sole for money, like so many other Democrat and Republican “elites.”


Barr can meet with Romney and Liz Cheney on liberal media and discuss how unfair it is that a nasty tweeter dominates the Republican Party. That will play to liberal media audiences, but not much else.


Russian Americans have no responsibility for the decisions of the crackpot leader of Russia. Russian Americans are here because of the decisions of the crackpot leader of Russia.

Michael Walsh has a great article on western liberal delusion as exposed by real world events.

‘Events, Dear Boy, Events’

“…just like that, Covid hysteria has suddenly receded, the manifest limitations of “green energy” have revealed themselves, and “gun control” suddenly doesn’t seem so urgent in light of plucky little Ukraine’s citizen-soldiers. Inflation is soaring, pocketbook issues are back on the table, and the outbreak of a real shooting war in the Ukraine , in which people are fighting and dying, has suddenly yanked the word “catastrophic” back from the realm of mental illness and into reality. As the late British prime minister Harold Macmillan is supposed to have replied when asked what was his greatest challenge: “Events, dear boy, events.”

Amazing what happens when reality bites. The small stuff, the transient concerns, the self-indulgence in lunacy and cultural suicide suddenly slips away, revealing bedrock truths beneath. The prolonged propaganda assault by the national media, led by the unabashedly racialist New York Times, on the traditions and institutions of this country has screeched to a halt as people stare in disbelief at supermarket receipts and gas pump prices and watch the shelling of Kiev on their televisions. Perhaps now words like “assault” and “hostile environment” won’t be thrown around with such gay abandon:

So much for the dreaded “assault” rifles, which now seem to have some usefulness after all. Note as well that these “assault” rifles aren’t firing themselves, but are instead wielded by responsible adults in an actual hostile environment in defense of their lives, their families, and their homelands—exactly the conditions under which the Congress and the several  states ratified the second amendment.

Vladimir Putin’s aims have been clear for decades to anyone who knew anything about Russian history. Raised in the Soviet Union, he regarded the collapse of his country as a great tragedy, but he is not trying to restore anything like the U.S.S.R. Rather, his ambition is to reanimate the Rodina of Tsar Alexander, the scourge of Napoleon who also played a large part in the formation of modern Europe at the Congress of Vienna. To that end, he has cemented an alliance with the Russian Orthodox Church—the historic soul and animating spirit of the country—which forms, along with the coterie of gangsters that emerged from the ruins of the KGB, his power base.

He’s long had his eyes on Kiev, in many ways the heart of Mother Russia but unfortunately for him occupied by his Slavic cousins, the Ukrainians who, having experienced the Soviet Union, have little desire to re-unite. Like Poland, Ukraine lives in a bad neighborhood between two ugly neighbors, Germany and Russia , one in which the borders keep switching around. But the foolish American notion of pushing the moribund corpse of NATO eastward, into Albania, Bulgaria, and the Baltics has been seen by Putin and the Russians as both a humiliation and a provocation.

“Climate change,” too, has been back-benched for a while. Not a peep out of the usual suspects complaining about all the carbon emissions from the land and air power unleashed on the Ukraine by Putin and the sorry shambles of the once-formidable Red Army as their genuine assault on a neighboring sovereign nation has seemed to sputter. But never fear, intrepid eco-warriors such as John “Mr. 16 Weeks in Nam” Kerry, who racked up more medals-per-hour than Audie Murphy, are here to keep the focus where it belongs:

And to think that this man was almost president of the United States. Then again, an even bigger fool currently sits in the Oval Office. Like Kerry, Joe Biden is a lifelong government functionary with no real-world experience but a huge chip on his shoulder over what he perceives as non-recognition of his genius. Biden is that Irish archetype, the braggart on the far barstool mouthing off and trying to provoke the real men of the community into taking a poke at him. The more they ignore him, the angrier he gets. Until reality slaps him in the face…”

Liberal “thought leader.”

All race, all grievance, all the time. Exhausting stupidity in the age of woke stupidity.


The Ukrainians are smart and tough – Play the UN like a fiddle.

America Breaks With Ukraine Over Russia’s Standing at the United Nations

“…The Ukrainians are arguing that, in actuality, the United Nations Charter — the foundational treaty of the world body — does not list Russia as a member of either the Security Council or any other part of the UN. The membership of the Security Council is listed in the treaty’s article 23. It says:

“The Security Council shall consist of fifteen Members of the United Nations. The Republic of China, France, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and the United States of America shall be permanent members of the Security Council.”

No resolution to change that was passed in 1991, when the USSR collapsed and Russia, in a letter to the UN secretary general, claimed the USSR’s security council seat, which is precisely the point Ukraine is making. . . . The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was a confederation of 15 countries. During its existence only Ukraine and Belarus voted independently of the Soviet Union. USSR members that are now independent countries — including the Baltic states that are now members of NATO — might have as much of a claim as Russia to the USSR’s permanent seat.

Ambassador Thomas Greenfield’s error as to what the charter says stands in sharp contrast to the written record pointed out by Ambassador Kyslytsya. He pointed out the language of the charter in an open meeting of the Security Council Thursday, when Ms. Thomas Greenfield was present.

America’s resistance to that interpretation of the charter is especially curious as countries around the globe — inspired by the bravery of the Ukrainian people and their president, Volodymyr Zelensky — play catch-up in the effort to increase diplomatic and economic pressure on Russia.

The Security Council is due to gather this afternoon to take to the General Assembly an American resolution that Russia vetoed late last week. In the Assembly, which includes all 193 UN members, no country has a veto power. None of its resolutions, however, can be enforced. Unlike Security Council resolutions, Assembly votes are mostly toothless declarations…”

Putin has lost surprise and momentum. NATO, EU, US finally get it together. Time is on the side of the Ukrainians now and works against Putin.

US locks down Russian central bank, sovereign fund assets

The ruble crashes, the stock market closes, and Russia’s economy staggers

Putin finds himself isolated, out of touch as invasion sputters

Moral of Putin’s troops is low. The cause for which they fight, conquest by aggression of another country,  is bad. The Ukrainians were prepared for them and are putting up a stiff fight.


Never forget what the jerkoffs in the White House told America in December 2021. They tried to divide the country and pit vax versus unvax at the threat of Covid death. This, plus their disastrous handling of the border, Afghanistan, inflation, school parents, and now Ukraine/Russia is why Biden’s polls are in the toilet.

WH Christmas message to unvaccinated: You’re looking at a winter of death for yourselves and your families

Doug Santo