Federal judge blocks Biden’s CMS vaccine mandate nationwide

Michelle Tandler, a San Francisco resident, on the Democrat hellhole that San Francisco has become.

I think you have to remember that San Francisco voters are responsible for this mess. The voters voted for this. The disaster that the city has become is because of the wrong-headed policies implemented by the local elected officials. I don’t know this woman, Michelle Tandler. I have reviewed some of her twitter thread. I have listened to her video that is posted below. I take her to be a liberal Democrat. A liberal Democrat who recognizes the mistake that she partook in, and she now regrets it. I credit her for recognizing the mistake and speaking out about it. Anyway, she documents a city in decline. A city beginning to resemble Detroit. The city looks vacated. It is beginning to weather and decay. Homeless drug addicts wonder the streets and sleep on the streets and go to the bathroom on the streets. Gangs of petty thieves flash mob stores and steal cars. It is a post-civilization urban hellscape. This is Democrat leadership taken to its logical extreme.


Rand Paul: “Arrogant” Fauci Represents “Public Policy” Not “Science”

Question everything the government tells you. You are responsible for your health. Nobody else.

Australian guy tries to make sense of government Covid recommendations

Chuck Grassley on Senate floor demanding an investigation into Hunter Biden’s deals with communist China

Ted Cruz on Fauci

It’s a woke world after all

A mashup of Covid headlines…

Florida’s Lowest Coronavirus Case Rate in the Nation Drops Even Further

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MSNBC’s Reid: States with Low Vaccination Rates Like a ‘Dumbass-tuary’.

CNN’s Stelter: FNC Joking that There’s a New Variant to Help Dems Win Elections ‘Craziness’

New York City Reinstitutes Coronavirus Mask Advisory ‘At All Times’ Indoors

Journalism – CNN style

CNN Panel Lays Out Multiple Excuses For Biden’s Abysmal Approval Rating


Biden Says He Shops At Walmart

In the last 15 years Democrats have done more to promote gun ownership then the NRA, Republicans, 2A proponents and all other parties combined.

Gun Boom: FBI Ran 187,585 Background Checks on Black Friday Alone

Hollywood. This is who they are.

Actress Cate Blanchett on Climate Change: ‘We Need to Be F**king Scared … and Demand Change’

Sony Pictures Classics

Fuck you, sweetheart.

Peak stupid in the age of stupid.

Book Of Essays On AOC Will Extol ‘Role That Her Beauty Plays’


Democrats hope you don’t notice as they create a new voter base for themselves.

6.5 Million Illegals Get Amnesty Under Biden Bill: CBO


Biden’s DHS Chief: Sanctuary Country Orders Ensure ‘Majority’ of Illegal Aliens Not Deported

Dr. Jill is asking you to stop…


Democrats, liberals, Marxists twist the meaning of words and hope you don’t notice. Media blithely goes along. They have occupied our education system and destroyed it.

Joe Rogan is doing some good work. It’s just common sense, something that is lacking in our biased, agenda-driven, unprofessional media.

Psaki’s pathetic explanation of Biden’s hypocrisy on travel bans. Pathetic.

Psaki: Trump’s Travel Ban Was Different Because Of “What He Called The Coronavirus,” He Sent A Xenophobic Tweet

Doug Santo