Rene Magritte


The Castle of the Pyrenees, 1959

The Lovers 2, 1928 by Rene Magritte

The Lovers II, 1928.

Magritte may have had insight into the direction of early 21st century liberalism.

Illegal immigration insanity – Biden policy

Australians rejecting Covid craziness

Democrat congress removes statues of Democrats demanded by prior Democrat congresses.

House passes bill to remove Confederate statues from Capitol


Democrat priorities – woke stupidity

Covid is a bio-weapon that was accidentally leaked

Results of Biden policy decisions

That Escalated Quickly

Imagine if Biden was a Republican. Gas prices would be the lead of every news cycle. They would be discussed nonstop on every cable news program. “Experts” would be brought to explain how bad the Republican policies are and how they effect the average American. Of course, women, children, and minorities would be hardest hit by the escalating gas prices. Republican policies and lawmakers would be called racist for causing the gas prices to go so high. You know the drill.

Media now, meh.

It’s good for global warming, less driving, etc.

Education Secretary doesn’t know how many genders there are. Yes, you read that correctly.

Education Sec. Cardona does not answer ‘how many genders are there?’ during testimony

    • GOP Rep. Mary Miller asked Sec. Cardona how many genders there are during a hearing before the House Education and Labor Committee, during which the latter refused to respond.
    • The Biden administration’s interpretation of gender is likely to influence how the administration changes existing Title IX policies.


This is who they are.

The Supreme Court has been something less than a pillar of strength

Alito Suggests SCOTUS “Unwilling” To “Bear The Criticism” Of Upholding Use Of Force Eerily Similar To George Floyd

Cowering, low-level bureaucrats is more like it. Worried about liberal media opinion.


California Democrats – government of the children, by the children, for the children

California Adds Five More States to Travel Ban Based on LGBTQ+ Litmus Test

Peevish, woke stupidity. Pretty soon California Democrats occupying the state bureaucracy won’t be able to leave the state.

Science publication gives up science for woke politics

Scientific American Removes Anti-Israel Op-ed after Sharp Criticism…From Scientists

Sciency, very sciency.

Just think about that. Scientific American runs anti-Israel op-ed.

We live in the age of stupid.

Our elite class is a disgusting mess.

Two tier justice system, one for Democrats, one for Republicans. Can you guess which one is better?

FBI lawyer that lied to judge on FISA warrant will be able to practice law again in August after zero jail time

The Democrat justice bureaucracy understands that sometimes Democrat bureaucrats must lie and cheat so that they can fulfill their missions to destroy Republicans. This is understood as criminality in support of a good cause. So when no one is looking, the criminal is forgiven.

This does not apply to Republicans.

This is the FBI/DOJ and federal court system.

This is the federal government.

Democrats cheat, even against themselves. No reason to question 2020 election results, though.

NYC mayoral primary race thrown into chaos as BOE botches vote count

“…The Democratic primary race for mayor was thrown into chaos Tuesday as the city Board of Elections appeared to have botched the count amid the city’s first ranked-choice election — adding 135,000 pre-election “test” ballots that hadn’t been cleared from a computer.

According to a BOE statement Tuesday night, “it has determined that ballot images used for testing were not cleared from the Election Management System . . .

“The Board apologizes for the error and has taken immediate measures to ensure the most accurate up to date results are reported.”

Preliminary results released earlier in the day showed a total of 941,832 ballots cast for mayor, an increase of more than 140,000 from the 799,827 that were counted on June 22, the day of the primary.

The glaring discrepancy at first went unnoticed until it was flagged by front-runner Eric Adams…”

Democrat strategy for defund the police flip-flop – say anything, nobody will question them on it.

White House: Biden Ran and Won on Funding the Police

Lie, prevaricate, obfuscate, mislead, confuse.

Masters of talking forever and saying absolutely nothing.

Local politics – woke lefty edition

Virginia PTA Moves to Dissolve Parent Group After CRT Opponents Won a Majority

24/7 media outrage machine choking on its own vomit

Don’t Look Now, But Another Lefty CNN Show Is Circling the Drain

“…So, considering that CNN’s raison d’être for the last year was using its news and talk programming to lie about President Trump – remember when Tapper won a major press award for regurgitating leaked fake news about Russia! Russia! Russia! – is it any wonder people thought, well, gee, this is BS and bailed out of watching?

Even if you loved or hated seeing them bash President Trump, what was the point in watching once the colorful and effective president was gone?

Fox News reported that Tapper’s politics interfere with what he has touted as his evenhanded news coverage. Tapper was a Democrat congressional staffer and worked for an anti-second amendment group before jumping to journalism…”

Woke stupidity reaches for the stars

Woke Leftists Look to the Cosmos and Find . . . Racism, of Course!

Bottom headline of the day

Jill Biden Makes the Cover of ‘Vogue’ in a Dress Reminiscent of My Grandmother’s Drapes

Latest on NSA spying on Americans

Surprised? No.

Public support for Biden-Harris border policies collapses

Doug Santo