Irish Senator Pauline O’Reilly: “We are restricting freedom…for the common good”

This woman is a perfect summary of the young, woke, and stupid.

If you fall for this bullshit, it’s on you.


The Cult of the Killing of the Unborn. Soul sick obsession…

Poll: 1 in 4 Democrats Are Single-Issue Voters on Abortion

I think this is a symptom of low-grade mental disorder.

Here’s an example:

Pro-Abortion Professor Creates Critical Race Theory Birth Class

“…The University of Minnesota School of Public Health helped sponsor an online perinatal course on critical race theory and implicit bias, co-developed by an “antiracism” research center director and Planned Parenthood board member.

The continuing education course for health professionals, “Dignity in Pregnancy & Childbirth: Preventing Racial Bias in Perinatal Care,” focuses on “Black birthing people,” according to its website.

According to a university news release, the course is co-sponsored by the nonprofit Diversity Science with aid from the Minnesota Department of Health, the University of Minnesota, and the U. Minn. Center for Antiracism Research and Health Equity.

Public Information Officer Scott Smith at the Minnesota Department of Health told The College Fix in an email a “key goal of the curriculum is for health care healthcare professionals to deepen their understanding of the impact of structural racism on the health and healthcare of Black and Indigenous women and birthing people. “…”

Double-speak nonsense designed to confuse and coerice young people and the woke stupid.

Government as the ideological squanderer of taxpayer money…

The Biden Energy Slush Fund

“…A $400 billion pile of cash dwarfing most private green investment vehicles…

…Mr. Shah isn’t a household name—unless your household includes lobbyists, financiers or crony capitalists. Those are the clients of Mr. Shah’s fief, the revived Energy Department Loan Programs Office. Last humiliated a decade ago, it’s part of that crack DOE bureaucracy that bet on such green tech ventures as Abound (the failed solar company), Fisker Automotive (the failed electric-car maker) and A123 (the failed battery maker). “This announcement today” is about “investing in the infrastructure and technology of the future,” crowed Vice President Biden in 2009, unveiling a $535 million DOE loan for a solar outfit he promised would power 500,000 homes and create 1,000 jobs. That outfit was Solyndra.

As if to prove that anything Mr. Biden could botch 10 years ago he can botch bigger and better now, the loan office is back, baby. Americans gasped at the audacity of Barack Obama’s $814 billion stimulus bill in 2009—and of gambling some $80 billion on clean energy—but that’s peanuts. The Biden spending rampage has bestowed on Mr. Shah, director of the loan department, a stunning $400 billion to hand out to green companies too risky for traditional lenders, or too politically powerful to turn down. According to a July Journal story, the “pile of cash is at least 20 times as big as most private green-energy funds.”…”

Lying is what they have…

Bidenomics: The High Price of Gaslighting

“…Lying to the voters about the economy is a losing strategy for Biden…

…This interpretation of the CPI report is profoundly dishonest. The 3.2 percent inflation rate is nearly three times the 1.2 percent rate that Biden inherited. It is down “65 percent” only because the Biden’s administration let it skyrocket to 9.1 percent before attempting to get it under control. That gas is “below $3.40” hardly compares well to the national average of $2.11 that prevailed when Biden was elected. As to wages, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that average hourly earnings (adjusted for inflation) for all employees stood at $11.05 in October, down from $11.10 in March of 2020, when the lockdown lunacy began. (READ MORE from David Catron: Trump Is Winning Ballot Access Cases)

There are just too many discrepancies between the President’s claims and the voter’s experience with the real world economy. According to the RealClearPolitics average, only 38.1 percent approve of his economic stewardship. Even worse, according to the NYT/Siena poll, swing state voters trust Trump over Biden on the economy by wide margins. Any president running for reelection must convince voters they’re better off than four years earlier. Biden isn’t making the sale. This is not merely politically perilous for him, it is a source of perplexity for the corporate media…”


Karine Jean-Pierre: The Economy Was In A Tailspin When Biden Took Office Because Of Trump

They have censorship too:

Missouri v. Biden and the Effort To Censor True Information

And they have delusion:

Scarborough: The World Would “Spiral Into World War Three” Without Joe Biden’s “50 Years Of Experience”

Absolute delusion.

The wacky left has captured our education system and destroyed it…

Jewish USC Professor Barred from Campus; Targeted by Anti-Israel Activists with Doctored Video

Many academics appear to support Islamic Nazism.


Higher education.

This is what the professor said:

“You people are ignorant. Really ignorant. Hamas are murderers. That’s all they are. Every one of them should be killed, and I hope they are.”

i agree with the professor.

We need studies to reacquaint ourselves with the obvious…

Gen Z wants action movies, not woke storylines: UCLA study

“…Gen Z would rather see movies that show two men fighting each other, rather than kissing one another, according to a new survey from the University of California Los Angeles.

The younger, college-aged generation ranked superhero movies and action films high in their interest list, along with “hopeful, uplifting content with people beating the odds” and “people with lives like my own” according to the survey.

Meanwhile, “Nonbinary and LGBTQIA+ Identities” is ranked at the bottom, according to the survey from UCLA’s Center for Scholars and Storytellers.

The survey of 1,500 people also found Gen Z is not interested in sexual content, which may explain their lack of interest in LGBT identity-focused programming.

Respondents reported that they use entertainment media “to escape and take my mind off of things.”

Storylines about political content such as “racial minorities,” “climate change,” and “immigration” do not make the top 10 ranking.”…”

Every American has the right to an impartial trial. Based on this compelling documentary, Derek Chauvin didn’t get one

I thought this was obvious at the time. Unpaid experts donating their time and flying in from across the country like this was a pilgrimage. Floyd died from a self administered drug overdose and heart disease. He was a sometimes violent petty criminal with a decades long rap sheet. He was not and is not a hero to any American. He was and is the opposite.

Doug Santo