Maryland sheriff talks about the effects of Democrat policies…

Democrat policies greatly exacerbated the problem. Democrat politicians use the problem for personal and professional gain. Democrats have no intention of solving the problem. They have set up a perverse, reverse incentive system that gives them literally billions of taxpayer dollars to spend to increase local and state government bureaucracies.

Denver Closing In On $2 Billion Spent On Homelessness Since Pandemic, Study Shows

“I am ashamed of the UN. In my opinion – the Czech Republic has nothing to expect in an organization that supports terrorists and does not respect the basic right to self-defense. Let’s get out.”

Czech Defense Minister Jana Černochová, expressing outrage at a United Nations General Assembly resolution calling for Israel to cease its operations in the Gaza Strip, called for the Czech Republic to withdraw from the UN on Saturday.

Solar and wind power curtailments are rising in California

monthly wind and solar curtailments, California Independent System Operator

“…The California Independent System Operator (CAISO), the grid operator for most of the state, is increasingly curtailing solar- and wind-powered electricity generation as it balances supply and demand during the rapid growth of wind and solar power in California.

Grid operators must balance supply and demand to maintain a stable electric system. The output of wind and solar generators are reduced either through price signals or rarely, through an order to reduce output, during periods of:

    • Congestion, when power lines don’t have enough capacity to deliver available energy
    • Oversupply, when generation exceeds customer electricity demand

In CAISO, curtailment is largely a result of congestion. Congestion-related curtailments have increased significantly since 2019 because solar generation has been outpacing upgrades in transmission capacity.

curtailment, by cause, California Independent System Operator

In 2022, CAISO curtailed 2.4 million megawatthours (MWh) of utility-scale wind and solar output, a 63% increase from the amount of electricity curtailed in 2021. As of September, CAISO has curtailed more than 2.3 million MWh of wind and solar output so far this year.

Solar accounts for almost all of the energy curtailed in CAISO—95% in 2022 and 94% in the first seven months of 2023. CAISO tends to curtail the most solar in the spring when electricity demand is relatively low (because moderate spring temperatures mean less demand for space heating or air conditioning) and solar output is relatively high.

solar production and curtailments by the Cailfornia Independent System Operator

CAISO has increasingly curtailed renewable generation as renewable capacity has grown in California. In 2014, a combined 9.0 gigawatts (GW) of wind and solar capacity had been built in California. As of July 2023, that number had grown to 17.6 GW. Developers plan to add another 3.0 GW by the end of 2024…”

Democrat MN City Council candidate Zach Metzger blocked off a highway and terrorized an old white man driving past a pro-Palestine riot


Biden’s DOJ adopts Venezuelan political techniques…

Venezuela’s top court suspends result of opposition primary

“…Venezuela’s Supreme Court on Monday suspended the outcome of an opposition primary vote, heightening uncertainty ahead of 2024 polls the international community hopes will restore democracy in the crisis-wracked country.

The United States said earlier this month it would ease long-standing oil and gas sanctions against President Nicolas Maduro’s government after it struck a deal with the opposition to hold elections next year.

However, the government subsequently rejected the outcome of an opposition primary to choose a presidential candidate. That vote earlier this month was won by Maria Corina Machado, 56, who is banned from holding office for 15 years.

Maduro’s administration has launched a probe into the primary, claiming it was tainted by fraud…”


Cornell University anonymous forum: ‘If you see a jewish ‘person’ on campus follow them home and slit their throats’

Police lock down kosher dining hall at University after threats to kill Jewish students

Democrats, garbage media, and the Western Liberal Elite have done this.

White House unable to face the extent of racial hatred on the left. Unable to identify people calling for murder of Jews extremists. Trump supporters are extremists though:

Mindless mish mash of talking.


Yale campus newspaper censors pro-Israel writer’s column on Hamas beheading men, raping women

Ivy League among top recipients of $8.5 billion Arab funding

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