Woke medicine. You can’t make it up.

Today’s blacklisted American: Massachusetts hospital network to deny healthcare to those who say things it doesn’t like

Delusion from Democrat bureaucracy and politicians…

Senate Report on Domestic Terrorism Names White Supremacy As the Chief Problem

They think you are stupid.

What remains…

The Decline of Higher Education: Thoughts on a generational takeover by the Left, and what options remain


Life among Democrats – Federal bureaucracy edition

Theft case against Biden nonbinary aide Sam Brinton is admittedly ‘weirder’


Biden Official Makes History: The First Nonbinary Federal Official To Face Felony Theft Charges

Life among Democrats – Million dollar toilet edition

SF’s New ‘Futuristic’ Public Toilet Breaks Down On Just Third Day On the Job

Celebrities Cut Ties With Balenciaga After MyPillow Spotted In Photo Shoot

American garbage media fail to report Chinese tanks rolling into cities to crack down on protestors

RED TERROR Tanks roll onto China’s streets in chilling echo of Tiananmen massacre as Xi cracks down on ‘White Paper’ protests

The tanks rolled through the city of Xuzhou

The tanks rolled through the city of Xuzhou

Related. American garbage social media assists Chinese government:

Apple turned off a private communication tool in China just before major protests broke out

Green energy not all it’s cracked up to be…

I’m just going to leave this here. This is Biden’s choice for a position of responsibility in the federal bureaucracy.

Life among Democrats – New York edition

Next up fighting NYC crime wave? Preventing landlords from doing criminal background checks on prospective tenants.

What do Leftists, those stalwart defenders of “our democracy,” really think about our Constitutional freedoms?

This Is CNN: Ex-CIA Wonk Explains the Dangers of Free Speech

Seems to me there are legal issues here relating to monopoly powers…

Elon Musk Says Apple Threatening To Yank Twitter From App Store

The basic outlines and facts of the Hunter Biden story were known in 2016. DOJ/FBI covering for the Biden family all this time.

Investigate! 62% want Hunter Biden probed


Majority see FBI as Biden’s ‘personal Gestapo’ after Trump raid

COVID-19 seems to be pushing life insurance payouts to new heights

Life insurers pay record death benefits in 2021

Freak show…

Balenciaga Stylist obsessed with Satan, child abuse and cannibalism… Disturbing photos

Green is the new authoritarianism…

Netherlands to ‘forcibly seize’ 3,000 farms to comply with EU Climate rules

They’re saving the planet

Ron Gould chair of Mojave County Board of Supervisors votes to certify under duress — ‘I will be arrested and charged with a felony if I don’t vote to certify.’

Woke medical schools training woke doctors will destroy America’s trust in medicine.

Critical Race Theory mandatory in 58 top medical schools

Headline of the day…

Fauci — I’m ‘almost certain’ I didn’t fund creation of Covid virus

A close second:

Biden’s “disinformation czar” registers as foreign agent

Life among Democrats – National edition

Joe Biden’s non-binary drag queen nuclear waste guru Sam Brinton, 34, is charged with THEFT after they were ‘caught on camera stealing a bag’ from Minneapolis Airport’s baggage claim

    • Sam Brinton, 34, whose full title was as the DOE’s deputy assistant secretary for spent fuel and waste disposition is accused of taking a suitcase from an airport
    • Brinton was caught on surveillance cameras at Minneapolis-St. Paul airport taking a blue bag off baggage claim after flying in from Washington
    • A woman reported the bag missing later that day and Brinton was identified
    • Brinton claimed to have not taken the bag but then changed their mind admitting to removing the case adding it was by mistake because they were tired
    • If found guilty they could now face five years in jail, a $10,000 fine, or both

Brinton was caught on surveillance cameras at Minneapolis-St. Paul airport taking a blue bag off the baggage claim after flying in from Washington

Doug Santo