Climate cultists take a hit…

Common sense…


Corn Pop’s mother?

Cockamamie liberal nonsense, a type case…

Biological male runner wins women’s 1,500m event in Canada

You can’t make it up.

We live in the age of stupid.

Stewed in their broth of racial hate…

Is Washington Post Racist? No People Of Color On Editorial Board

Fauci’s legacy: Lies, fakery, misleading the American people to protect himself from the consequences of his own decisions. Meanwhile, he got rich.

Fauci discussed ‘chimeras’ with Wuhan research collaborator in Feb. 2020, email suggests

“…Research team finds novel coronavirus with MERS spike protein in Wuhan “rice sequencing study,” undermining argument denying COVID lab manipulation…”


Guess that party…

Virginia School Board Member: U.S. Victory at Iwo Jima ‘Set A Record for … Human Evil’

Meanwhile, at the U.S. southern border…

Janet Yellen Claims U.S. Taxpayers Have ‘Duty’ to Defend Ukraine’s Border from Invasion


Yellen on Reducing Inflation without Economic Decline: ‘So Far, So Good’

Yellen Shows Up in Ukraine, Announces Aid Transfer of $1.25B

Buttigieg is pure incompetence. Yellen is misguided, willful incompetence. Both are bad. Yellen is more dangerous to U.S. interests.

Lefty rag can’t find excuse for incompetent boob…

WashPost Reviews ‘Every Possible Regulatory Change’ Made Under Trump, Finds None Contributed to East Palestine Crash

U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg (C) visits with Department of Transportation Investigators at the site of the derailment on February 23 2023 in East Palestine, Ohio. On February 3rd, a Norfolk Southern Railways train carrying toxic chemicals derailed causing an environmental disaster. Thousands of residents were ordered to evacuate …

Conspiracy of silence…

Sen. Cotton on COVID Origin: The Only Conspiracy Here Was The Conspiracy Of The Silence Of The Left, The Media

Conspiracy of lies, misdirection:

Redfield: Fauci, Collins ‘Misleading’ in Attacks on Lab Leak Theory

Fauci Dismissed Lab Leak Theory in 2020: It’s a ‘Circular Argument’

Cruz: Media, Dems ‘Echoed’ Chinese Communist Party Talking Points on Lab Leak

The “say anything” brand of politics. All that matters is the moment. The media will cover for the rest.

The Air Raid Siren During Biden’s Visit to Kyiv Was Likely Staged: Here’s How We Know

Headline of the day – politicized justice edition

FBI arrests ‘sedition panda’ in Capitol riot case

The 'sedition panda' in an image taken from his FBI affidavit

Invested in fake. They lied, misled, censored for years. They are not ready to give up on it.

White House backs gain-of-function research, still doubts COVID lab leak

You knew this was coming…

Dark money group pushing gas stove crackdown has significant financial stake in green energy

Lies, fakery, and censorship. The coalition of government and media.

Covid Lab Leak a Scandal of Media & Govt Censorship


Score Another One for the Tinfoil Hat COVID ‘Disinformation’ Crowd

Different issue, same fakery:

Brian Stelter Falsely Claims Laptop from Hell ‘Wasn’t’ Labeled Russian Disinformation

And teen boys, and young men, and young women…

Social Media is a Major Cause of the Mental Illness Epidemic in Teen Girls

Paul who?

How will the GOP survive without Paul Ryan?! He might boycott the 2024 convention if Trump is the nominee

Lowest common denominator is a fast road to failure…

To Increase ‘Equity,’ This California High School Is Eliminating Honors Courses

Doug Santo