Life among Democrats…

Minnesota Democrats Move to Give Driver’s Licenses to 77K Illegal Aliens

“Say anything” foreign policy…

2023: Biden Sends Tanks to Ukraine

2022: Joe Warns Sending Tanks Would Be ‘World War III’

biden tanks


Merrick Garland sent 30 FBI agents to arrest Mark Houck in front of his wife and seven children.


The Biden/Garland Rogue FBI Takes One on the Chin

I don’t buy this. This is the same thinking that blames McDonalds for fat people, or cigarette manufacturers for smokers. People are responsible for their actions, not corporations.

Social media is a defective product, lawsuit contends

The federal bureaucracy is a Democrat bureaucracy protecting and promoting Democrats

US lost 287,000 jobs while government was reporting +1 million in gains

“…This is the second major report to come out showing significant job growth discrepancies in the second quarter…”

Petty tyrant nonsense. Democrats can’t let go of Covid. It’s who they are.

West Point reimposes travel ban on unvaxxed cadets, despite repeal of military vax mandate

The federal bureaucracy is a Democrat bureaucracy that protects and promotes Democrats…

To Save America, Abolish the Civil Service


The Radical Left Is the Establishment

The wacky left has captured our education system and destroyed it…

New feminist chemistry class teaches that science is racist


‘How to be a B*tch’ course offered at Westminster College

Campus newspapers reject conservative writers to protect ‘personal safety,’ stop kink-shaming

Rhode Island school under scrutiny for soliciting funds for cartel human smuggler

Life among Democrats – two standards of justice edition

Judge Calls Alleged Lawyer-Turned-Antifa Bomb-Thrower A ‘Good Guy’

‘You’re a Good Guy, No Question’ Federal Judge Tells Antifa Terrorist, Wannabe Cop Killer

Worth a repost. It has been lying and fakery for the last 6 years…

Left-wing think tank responsible for thousands of fake Russia stories: new Twitter Files.

Headline of the day…

The Climate Faithful Have Developed Religious Dietary Restrictions (and You Guessed It — We’ll All Be Expected to Eat This Way)

Pfizer double-speak in a non-denial denial




U.S. media/journalism is a constant clown show of progressive nonsense…

French Embassy U.S. makes a hilarious mockery of the AP’s now-deleted style guide update

Headline of the day – Life Among Democrats Edition

Gas bags: Progressive war on your stove is VERY REAL.

What happened? Indeed.

Couldn’t happen to a more deserving group of self-important jerkoffs…

Terror In Tinseltown: The Most Hated Reporter In Hollywood’s Secret Files Exposed — As Panicked Stars Run For Cover

It’s bad…

Nobody’s Watching: CNN Ratings Plunge Even Further — For Good Reason

Another reason, it’s all race hustling all the time. A giant con.

CNN’s Race-Baiter Van Jones Blames Racism for Black Cops Beating Tyre Nichols to Death

Is the world cracking up?

Doug Santo