I find myself in agreement with Robert F. Kennedy. Hell has frozen over.

LGB Song!


Trump gives the “Tomahawk Chop.” Libs loose their minds!

Climate is as big a scam as Covid. Biden Generates 2.2M Lbs. Of Carbon To Attend Climate Change Summit

What a load of hot air! Joe Biden is blasted for making 10,000 mile return trip that’ll generate 2.2 MILLION pounds of carbon to attend CLIMATE CHANGE summit in Scotland after president was snapped in gas-guzzling 85-car motorcade in Rome

    • President Joe Biden was criticized for his use of a slow moving, 85-car motorcade in Rome ahead of UN climate change conference on Sunday
    • It comes during Biden’s 10,000 mile return trip on Air Force One to Europe, which includes a 92-mile motorcade tour in Scotland
    • Air Force One and the four large jets that accompany it will generate an estimated 2.16 million pounds of carbon during the five day trip to Europe
    • The motorcade is centered around the president’s armored limousine, the Beast and its decoy which sports a 5-litre diesel engine and gets about 8 mpg
    • Each car generates around 8.75 pounds of carbon per mile driven – 10 times more than the average car
    • Also included in the trip are flights for his conference team, security personnel and individual planes for The Beast and Marine One helicopter

“Weather issues” continue to plague American Airlines




Terry McAuliffe is a liar. He lied about Critical Race Theory over and over again. McAuliffe sides with race hustlers, not parents.

Virginia education department boosts critical race theory — despite claim by Terry McAuliffe

“…Virginia’s education department promotes critical race theory — despite claims by Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe’s the ideology has “never been taught” in the state.

The Virginia Department of Education’s website features a presentation urging teachers to “embrace critical race theory,” Fox News reported.

Education has taken center stage in the closer-than-anticipated contest, as Republican Glenn Youngkin has hammered away on the issue.

McAuliffe has called critical race theory — shorthanded as CRT — a “racist dog whistle.”

“It’s not taught in Virginia and it’s never been taught in Virginia,” McAuliffe said recently. “And as I’ve said this a lot, it’s a dog whistle. It’s racial, it’s division and it’s used by Glenn Youngkin and others, it’s the same thing with Trump and the border wall, to divide people. We should not be dividing people in school.”

But City Journal’s Christopher Rufo, an anti-CRT writer, tweeted today that he could “debunk that lie.” Rufo shared screenshots in which the state’s education department described critical race theory as a “best practice.”

Loudoun County School Board are lefty ideologues that continue to disgrace themselves.

Loudoun County Superintendent Ziegler Admitted He Was ‘Incorrect’ To Declare Unlawful Assembly That Led To Parent Arrests

“…Loudoun County Public Schools Superintendent Scott Ziegler admitted he was “incorrect” to declare an unlawful assembly at a school board meeting in Loudoun County, Virginia, on June 22, at which Jon Tigges and Scott Smith were subsequently arrested for trespassing and disorderly conduct, respectively.

The revelation, reported by Fox News, comes from transcripts of a September hearing for Tigges, whose trespassing charge was enabled by Ziegler’s declaration of an unlawful assembly.

“Individuals had taken over the boardroom and it was very reminiscent to me of January 6,” Ziegler said in another portion of the hearing, apparently trying to justify his decision to shut down the protests of parents, including Smith, who later alleged that his daughter was sexually assaulted in a bathroom at Stone Bridge High School by a boy in a skirt.

“Were there people that were burning chairs inside the room?” asked Tigges’s attorney Chris Kachouroff, in reference to violent left-wing protests in Portland, Oregon.

“No, but there were people who were moving chairs aggressively, yeah,” Ziegler responded.

Loudoun County parent and Fight for Schools Executive Director Ian Prior emphasized that Ziegler had “no legal authority” to declare an unlawful assembly like he did at the June board meeting.

“The school board tried to silence the opposition; they did so over applause for a speaker. And then the Superintendent declared an unlawful assembly when he had no legal authority to do so,” Prior told Fox News. “There will never be trust in Loudoun County Schools until Superintendent Ziegler is fired.”

Earlier this week, emails revealed that the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office in August refused Ziegler’s request to weaponize law enforcement against parents at school board meetings. “[Y]our request is extraordinary and would likely constitute LCSO’s commitment of a minimum of approximately 65 sworn deputies. Despite this, you fail to provide any justification for such a manpower intensive request,” Sheriff Mike Chapman responded after Ziegler sent Chapman an over-the-top list of requests for additional law enforcement at meetings.

Parentsstudents, and other protesters have grown increasingly frustrated with the actions of the superintendent and the school board, as the district’s cover-up and denial of sexual assault while the board tried to push through its radical agenda have come to light.

“They’ve failed this county, they’ve failed students, they’ve lied to our faces, they’ve left our children very vulnerable and unsafe, and they continue to preach policies that are more coverups for their actions,” mother Erin Roselle Poe told The Federalist at Tuesday’s school board meeting…”

A symbol of rank stupidity, pomposity, and liberal idiocy…

The Queen of England is pretty good. The rest of her family have fallen hard.

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