Government and social media conspired to limit your knowledge of the Covid vaccines. The worst possible woke medicine and woke science.

‘Rigged the COVID debate’: How federally enticed censorship undermined science during pandemic


Horowitz: Possibly the most important study on COVID shots might explain why COVID never seems to end

“…Tolerance is a good thing in most aspects of life. But when it comes to the immune system, artificially juicing up the body to create antibodies with long-term tolerance to a pathogen is a recipe for disaster. Amid thousands of papers on COVID and the vaccines, a new German paper published in Science Immunology should be the headline story this week. Although the subject matter is very dense, the implication of it is that the Pfizer shots (and possibly other mRNA spike protein shots) caused the immune system to misfire, thereby creating an endless feedback loop of viral immune escape, perpetuating the pandemic in the macro, and creating immune suppression for the individuals who received them…”




Gabbard: When Leaders Use Deception To Get What They Want That’s Not A Democracy, That’s A Dictatorship

Gabbard’s statement applies to liars like George Santos as well as censors in the federal bureaucracy.

Matt Taibbi on the corruption and political use of Twitter

Note From San Francisco

“…These next few pieces are the result of looking at two discrete data sets, one ranging from mid-2017 to early 2018, and the other spanning from roughly March 2020 through the present. In the first piece focused on that late 2017 period, you see how Washington politicians learned that Twitter could be trained quickly to cooperate and cede control over its moderation process through a combination of threatened legislation and bad press.

In the second, you see how the cycle of threats and bad media that first emerged in 2017 became institutionalized, to the point where a long list of government enforcement agencies essentially got to operate Twitter as an involuntary contractor, heading into the 2020 election. Requests for moderation were funneled mainly through the FBI, the self-described “belly button” of the federal government (not a joke, an agent really calls it that).

The company leadership knew as far back as 2017 that giving in to even one request to suspend this or that set of accused “hostile foreign accounts” would lead to an endless cycle of such demands. “Will work to contain that,” offered one comms official, without much enthusiasm, after the company caved for the first time that year. By 2020, Twitter was living the hell its leaders created for themselves.

What does it all mean? I haven’t really had time to think it over. Surely, though, it means something. I’ve been amused by the accusation that these stories are “cherry-picked.” As opposed to what, the perfectly representative sample of the human experience you normally read in news?…”

The twisted logic of woke science and medicine

Nearly 50% of participants in ‘Monkeypox in women’ study were biological men

“…it was hardly surprising that the findings showed women having similar clinical features as males when almost half the ‘women’ studied were male. . . . Others suggested that publishing such a study would undermine the public’s trust in the medical world.

“Same people doing these studies are the folks angry that people are not trusting medical authorities and consuming ‘misinformation’,” tweeted Jeremy Carl, a senior fellow at the Claremont Institute…”

Ugly free speech is protected by the constitution of this country. If you don’t protect ugly speech, no speech is protected. Mainstream Democrats support censorship. It is fashionable in Europe.

Covid vaccines are not all they are cracked up to be.

Pfizer’s Shots Aren’t Safe and Were Never Shown to Be

    • Dr. Kathryn Edwards, a member of Pfizer’s data safety monitoring board (DSMB), was previously a paid adviser to Pfizer. DSMBs are supposed to be independent, and aren’t if members have previous relationships with the company
    • German autopsies found “highly unusual tissue inflammation” in people who died shortly after getting the jab, and investigators suspect the inflammation observed would be fatal. They also found spike protein in the tissues of the deceased, but not another key part of SARS-CoV-2. This suggests the actual virus was not part of the problem; the only possible source of the spike protein was the jab
    • Data from the German health insurance provider BKK, which covers about 10.9 million Germans, show 2.05% of COVID jab recipients sought medical care after their jab
    • The largest German statutory health insurance dataset, which encompasses 72 million Germans, show massive increases in sudden and unexpected deaths after the COVID jabs rolled out
    • December 13, 2022, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis petitioned the Florida Supreme Court for a statewide grand jury investigation of crimes and wrongdoing committed against Floridians related to the COVID-19 jabs. He also established an independent Public Health Integrity Committee to analyze and assess federal health guidance before they’re implemented in Florida

Contrary to the official narrative (and hence popular belief), the COVID shots have no demonstrated safety.

Remember who the liars are. Good intentions are not an acceptable explanation.

Remember the ‘horse paste’ hullabaloo about ivermectin?

“…Remember the screeching about all the dangers to the public about ivermectin?

The supposedly “controversial” treatment for COVID was denounced as “horse paste” in the press, complete with scare stories about dead cowboys in Oklahoma taking the stuff overwhelming hospitals based on a claim by one skeezy source who knew nothing of what he was talking about. The stories ran rampant as one media outlet after another picked that story up in that monkey-see, monkey-do way and ivermectin was painted as the stuff of ignorant fools.

The FDA ran mocking ads featuring horses and cows warning Americans not to take it: “You are not a horse. You are not a cow. Seriously, y’all, stop it,” the ad read, targeting all those perceived hillbillies out there taking it, supposedly for their own good.

The famous podcaster Joe Rogan was shoved through the intellectual wood chipper for testifying to its effectiveness on himself when he had COVID-19. His photo was manipulated by the press to appear greenish and sick, when the original shown was perfectly healthy.

The stuff worked, but news of ivermectin’s effectiveness was, we now learn, also censored by the government’s lackeys and lapdogs at Twitter, according to the latest Twitter files revelations, and every effort to allow news of the actual science was shut down, its proponents ridiculed as nuts and “horse-paste” enthusiasts. Wikipedia remains a fount of biased and dishonest lies on this front. Well, now we’ve got a meta-study out, that’s a study of studies, telling the truth of the matter.

According to the Epoch Times (subscription only):

In a meta-analysis of 63 studies of ivermectin versus COVID-19 in humans, 100% of these have shown positive results. Studies were from all continents except Antarctica. Considered individually, 29 of those studies were found to be statistically significant regarding use of ivermectin alone. Over the 63 studies in meta-analysis, pooled effects showed 69% improvement in early treatment, and prophylactic use showed 86% improvement. Of those studies in the meta-analysis that were peer-reviewed, overall improvement in early treatment was found to be 70% (64% in randomized controlled trials), and 86% of those in which ivermectin was used prophylactically showed improvement (84% in randomized controlled trials).

Mortality from COVID-19 over all time periods of delay in treatment was 76% improved over controls (69% in randomized controlled trials), whereas mortality was improved 84% in early treatment of COVID-19 (82% in randomized controlled trials). Forty studies were excluded from the meta-analysis for complicating factors or insufficient detail reported, and these also showed 100% positive results.

Instapundit’s Stephen Green has more of the passage from the piece here, along with a typical headline yawping about “horse paste” from the establishment.

The stuff works, but all the powers that be went all in by saying it didn’t. They demonized doctors who knew firsthand of its effectiveness. They ignored the success of the animal-herding third world countries familiar with the med which employed its use for COVID (many in Africa, as well as India and Peru) and either killed their COVID problem dead (ask India about it) or else stayed COVID-free. Perhaps China, now in the throes of another COVID wave, might sit up and pay attention, but that’s dubious to expect they will. They are tyrants, after all…”

Incompetence as the new normal…

The New-Normaling of Blackouts

“…To be very clear: rolling blackouts are not now, nor have they been, normal in the US. Therefore, having to expect rolling blackouts going forward would be abnormal. Nevertheless, as utility providers and power grid monitors have recently warned, the more grids are saddled with intermittent, unreliable wind and solar facilities, the more unreliable they are becoming. They’re more prone to capacity shortfalls and blackouts.

The Biden administration is dead-set on adding more wind and solar generation to the grid, which requires shuttering existing, reliable power plants. Along with much higher electric bills, it means more rolling blackouts. Electric customers would be incensed, however, given their current expectation of power at the flip of a switch. There are only two ways to go: change the plan to destabilize the grid with politically favored renewables, or try to change people’s idea of normal grid operations.

Changing people’s idea of what’s normal…we’ve seen this process before. Remember April 15, 2020, when the governors of several US states all began speaking of the “new normal” of government reordering their lives in dealing with COVID-19? The rollout was inartful, but effective. Almost three years later, people wonder whether the next cold and virus season might prompt fresh rounds of government lockdowns, face mask mandates, school closures, and worse. All these concepts were plain unthinkable before 2020.

We’ve seen similar new-normalling of other inevitable bad outcomes of Biden policies, including inflation, COVID vaccine mandates, and illegal immigration. So I write with a high degree of confidence of how changing expectations on blackouts will play out, though I confess I’m not sure which of The Atlantic, Washington Post, or CNN will be first with the inevitable “I Love Blackouts” column, or whether it’ll be “Rolling Blackouts: Why Saving the Planet Has Never Been So Much Fun.”

Following is an outline of the new-normalling process, in general…”

A high priest of Climate Religion proclaims you must make penitence. People believe this garbage.


Climate activists are fuming as Germany turns to coal to replace Russian gas

Say anything, bone-headed incompetence. Something Biden is good at.

Biden Demands China Travelers Provide Negative COVID Test

“…After Calling Trump’s 2020 COVID Response ‘Nakedly Xenophobic’…

…Joe Biden will now require travelers from China to show a negative coronavirus test to enter the United States after claiming in 2020 former President Donald Trump’s coronavirus response “fanning the flames” of “hate, fear and xenophobia” against Asian Americans during the pandemic…”

Doug Santo