CNN media personality: “We have to start doing things for the greater good of society and not for idiots who think that they can do their own research, or that they are above the law and they can break the rules.”

This is why CNN’s ratings are in the toilet. This guy is the idiot.


CBS media personalities (read idiots) attribute undersea volcanic eruption and tsunami to climate change. We certainly want television talking heads making decisions for us.

‘Vaccine Passports are no longer relevant’

“…Professor Cyrille Cohen is head of Immunology at Bar Ilan University and a senior member of the advisory committee for Vaccines for the Israeli Government.

    • The Green Pass / vaccine passport concept is no longer relevant in the Omicron era and should be phased out (he expects it to be in short order in Israel)
    • He and his colleagues were surprised and disappointed that the vaccines did not prevent transmission, as they had originally hoped
    • The biggest mistake of the pandemic in Israel was closing schools and education – he apologised for that
    • Widespread infection is now an inevitable part of future immunity — otherwise known as herd immunity
    • Omicron has accelerated the pandemic into the endemic phase, in which Covid will be “like flu”…”

Censorship is a great mistake made by those scared that their arguments are weak and will not withstand scrutiny.

We need to talk about the vaccines

Vinay Prasad:

“…I am an associate professor of epidemiology and biostatistics, as well as a practising physician, and I firmly believe that it would be a mistake to censor Rogan under the guise of combating “misinformation”.

Rogan is not a scientist, and, like everyone else, he has his biases. But he is open-minded, sceptical, and his podcast is an important forum for debate and dialogue. It is not enough, moreover, to simply dismiss Malone and McCullough as conspiracy theorists. They are controversial and polarising figures, but they do have real credentials. Malone is a physician who has worked in molecular biology and drug development for decades, while McCullough was, until recently, an academic cardiologist and researcher.

Both speakers made accurate and useful points on Rogan’s podcast — as well as unsupported, speculative, alarmist, and false ones. The correct way to deal with incorrect ideas in biomedicine, if they rise to a level of prominence that warrants rebuttal, is to rebut them.

In what follows, I attempt to assess their main claims, explaining what they get right and what they get wrong. I cannot address every point that the two of them made — both episodes are close to three hours long — but I hope that I can provide some clarity in a debate that often lacks it…”

Click over for extended discussion.

All of Biden’s 2021 election promises have reached their expiration date…

It’s Official: Biden Now Leads Trump In The COVID Death Count

I & I Editorial Board:

“…According to the latest numbers from the CDC, more Americans have died with COVID since President Joe Biden took office than did in the year before under Donald Trump.

CDC data show that, as of January 17, there have been a total of 850,575 deaths in the U.S. related to COVID. On Trump’s last day in office, that number was 424,409. That means 426,166 COVID deaths have occurred — so far — since Biden took office, with the number currently trending well above a thousand a day.

This is a stunning rebuke not just of Biden, but of everyone who went around blaming Trump for every single COVID death that occurred on his watch.

Biden and others repeatedly insisted that if Trump had only done things such as accelerated testing and contract tracing, responded faster to the pandemic, pushed mask mandates, the country would have avoided the calamities of 2020.

Yet, despite Biden’s solemn pledge that he had a plan ready to go that would fix those errors and bring “an end to COVID,” none of it worked. The virus has spread further and faster than ever since Biden put his “plan” into effect.

Biden himself now claims he was caught off guard by the new more transmittable variants – which in itself is a horrible admission of failure, given his claim that fighting COVID would be his top priority. More recently he even switched gears to say that the federal government can’t be expected to solve this problem.

Biden’s failure is even more glaring when you realize that he had benefits Trump lacked: Three vaccines had been approved when Biden took office, there were more and better treatments available, and the new strains have proved less lethal than the original virus.

Biden is also guilty of overselling the efficacy of vaccines and mask mandates, neither of which has slowed the spread of the disease. In fact, there were 1.4 million new reported cases in one day this month, which was more than six times the peak last winter.

In many ways, Biden’s “plan” made things worse. He recklessly wasted time with divisive — and illegal — vaccine mandates that did little to accelerate the rate of inoculations. He butted the government into the delivery of new treatments, which created needless bottlenecks. He failed to address regulatory hurdles at the FDA that kept additional tests off the market.

What’s more, by stoking panic for more than a year and focusing only on vaccines and mask mandates, instead of promoting available treatments, Biden has been unable to bring calm to the country, even though the Omicron variant is far less lethal. The result has been massive and needless disruptions.

Meanwhile, Biden’s $2 trillion “rescue” plan has fueled economic turmoil, discouraging work when the economy needed people back at their jobs and igniting inflation. (That’s to say nothing of the massive waste. One example: schools took the billions he handed out to “safely reopen” and closed their doors again as soon as they could find an excuse.)

To be clear, we didn’t blame Trump for the COVID deaths that happened on his watch, and we don’t blame Biden for the deaths over the past year. (Even though by Biden’s own standard he is to blame for every single one of them.) We still believe the number of deaths is being exaggerated because anyone who dies with COVID is lumped in with those who died from COVID.

We do, however, blame Biden for the fact that his “plan” to deal with COVID has been worse than useless. Biden’s utter ineptitude has made the country weaker and more vulnerable as a result…”

Woke stupidity is remarkably similar to communism

Removing statues on campus is eerily similar to China’s actions in Hong Kong.

“…When students, faculty, and university administrations pull down statues on campus in an effort to censor history, they are engaging in the same authoritarian politics that characterize China’s control over Hong Kong.

Within 48 hours, Hong Kong University (HKU), the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), and Lingan University witnessed the removal of artwork commemorating the 1989 massacre in Tiananmen Square…”

Bottom headline of the day


CNN Mocked After Announcing New Team ‘Dedicated To Covering Misinformation’: Must Be ‘Covering CNN’

Notable responses to CNN included:

    • Buck Sexton, radio host: “Beyond parody.”
    • Candace Owens, The Daily Wire: “CNN to create a team dedicated to covering CNN.”
    • Monica Crowley, former Trump official: “The call is coming from INSIDE the house!”
    • Max Abrahms, professor: “Are you going to re-cover the Steele dossier, Hunter’s laptop, the Russian bounties, ISIS’ Air Force in Syria and all the other tales CNN told?”
    • Steve Deace, The Blaze: “Wow, impressed that CNN is investing real resources into internal accountability.”
    • Ram Prasad, entrepreneur: “This team will have to mostly cover the CNN anchors.”
    • Jeffrey A Dove Jr., former political candidate: “So a team dedicated to covering themselves. Seems a bit much @CNN.”
    • Seth Dillon, The Babylon Bee: “CNN creates team dedicated to covering CNN.”
    • Daniel Horowitz, The Blaze: “They will need at least one staffer per reporter they have to properly shadow.”
    • Drew Berquist, radio host: “Now this is going to be amazing! Can’t wait. Hope Brian Stelter is involved.”
    • Adel Meyer, political commentator: “The propaganda is going into overdrive now. Just when we thought 2022 couldn’t get any worse…”
    • Lee Williams, reporter: “Are you going to assign a reporter to cover Brian Stelter full time? He’s a walking, talking disinformation source.”
    • Sean Davis, The Federalist: “Pretty sure the entire network is already devoted to misinformation.”
    • Drew Holden, media critic: “They’ve finally found a description for CNN+?”
    • Steve Cortes, political commentator: “May I suggest they begin with the Charlottesville #FinePeopleHoax, a damnable calumny that CNN has propagated for years 5 years now? My repudiation of their role in spreading that myth led, in fact, to my departure from broadcasting for CNN.”
    • Jason Rantz, radio host: “This is rather surprising. You don’t normally hear of left-wing networks hiring staff to call out its fellow anchors, reporters and analysts for spreading nonsense. Kudos to CNN for finally looking in a mirror to call out their misinformation and disingenuous takes.”
    • Glenn Greenwald, blogger: “Along with NBC, the New Yorker, the Atlantic and NYT, Ground Zero for the insane Trump-is-Putin’s-blackmail-pawn conspiracy theory was CNN. They were led around by CIA to spread the most unhinged conspiracy. Now they really believe they fight, rather than spread, ‘misinformation.’”


Remind me again how good the vaccines are…


Daylight on the ridiculous Covid restrictions is starting to have an affect.

Liberals at NPR prepare fake news to portray conservative justices on the Supreme Court in a negative light.

Shannon Bream Busts Fake News From NPR: Gorsuch Spiteful on Masking

“…I am told that is not accurate. A source at the Supreme Court says there’s been no blanket admonition or request from Chief Justice Roberts that the other justices begin wearing masks to arguments. The source further stated Justice Sotomayor did not make any such request to Justice Gorsuch. I’m told, given that fact, there was also no refusal by Justice Gorsuch. The justices are all vaccinated and boosted, and they do test before taking the bench for arguments…”

Original story:

Gorsuch didn’t mask despite Sotomayor’s COVID worries, leading her to telework