Why the media/Democrat alliance is failing…

CBS Wails: It’s The End of Democracy if Democrats Don’t Win Midterms!

MSNBC Portrays Midterms As Democracy Versus Fascism

Biden Adviser: ‘MAGA Republicans’ Would ‘Disrupt Our Democracy,’ ‘Destroy’ the USA

After Using FBI To Suppress Son’s Crimes And Raid Political Rival’s Home, Biden Warns Democracy In Danger

And finally, the public response:

Republicans regain momentum despite Democrats’ push on abortion, democracy


CBS Poll: Voters Say Democrats Favor Migrants over Americans

Bad judgement, bad policies, bad government. Everything Biden touches turns to shit…

CEOs fixing Biden’s Saudi oil mess because he won’t

“…I am told by people with knowledge of the matter that the real reason so many top CEOs attended the conference was to forge a truce between the Saudis and the Biden administration. The ongoing and very public bellicosity between the two longtime allies is bad for business, both the CEOs’ and that of the US. True, Saudi Arabia is a big Wall Street client looking to further modernize its economy through investment-banking deals, while it turns to our financial sector to manage its riches. But the growing consensus among the people who run the US financial system is that having the Saudis as an enemy is among the biggest geo­political and economic mistakes of the mistake-prone Biden administration. It will embolden the aims of our common enemy, the terrorist regime in Iran, and drive the Kingdom further into the hands of our rivals, Russia and especially China…”

The media/Democrat narrative on the Paul Pelosi attack lasted a couple of weekend days before, once again, falling apart.

Gypsy Taub Speaks! Pelosi Attacker’s Former ‘Life Partner’ Definitively Torpedoes the Media Narrative

“…Once again, the lie goes twice around the world before the truth finishes tying its shoes. Reuters reported the lie on Saturday: “The intruder at the Pelosis’ home yelled ‘Where’s Nancy?’ before assaulting Paul Pelosi with a hammer, according to a person briefed on the incident. An internet user with the same name as the man arrested at the scene, David Depape, expressed support for former President Donald Trump and embraced the cult-like conspiracy theory QAnon in online posts that referenced ‘satanic paedophilia.’”

Old Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Barack Obama all piled on, shaking their heads about those who sow “hate and division,” by which everyone on the planet and a few people on Mars know they mean Donald Trump. But cracks in the narrative are already appearing, and now Gypsy Taub has spoken. Oxane “Gypsy” Taub is the former “life partner” of David DePape, and she has now destroyed the Leftist media narrative, confirming that DePape is no MAGA Republican, but a Leftist who even supported Nancy Pelosi.

Taub, a “nudist activist,” called San Francisco’s KGO and said: “Hello this is Gypsy Taub. I am the ex-life partner of David DePape and the mother of his children.” She was calling from the Californian Institution For Women in Corona, California; KGO explains that she was found guilty last year “on 20 counts, including the attempted abduction of a 14-year-old boy near his Berkeley high school.”

Taub of David DePape: “He is mentally ill. He has been mentally ill for a long time. He came back in very bad shape. He thought he was Jesus. He was constantly paranoid, thinking people were after him. And it took a good year or two to get back to, you know, being halfway normal.” If he ever did.

Tellingly, Taub added: “Well when I met him, he was only 20 years old, and he didn’t have any experience in politics, and he was very much in alignment with my views and I’ve always been very progressive. I absolutely admire Nancy Pelosi.” She didn’t say that he had changed his views over the years as they had children and kept house. Taub added: “I would like to express my deepest apology to Nancy Pelosi and her husband for the terrible tragic thing that happened.”…”

Related. Below is another story where the media/Democrat narrative quickly fell apart. Lies and fakery up and down the line:

Dems Pounce on ‘Report’ About Ron DeSantis and Clarence Thomas That Turned out to Be Fake News.

A statement of the obvious…

Poll shows blacks oppose defunding the police

“…A poll that shows ridiculously low support from black voters for defunding the police should be the final nail in the coffin for Democrats’ anti-law and order campaign of the last seven years.

TheGrio.com commissioned a poll, along with the Kaiser Family Foundation, which found that 82% of black respondents want police funding either to be kept about the same (48%) or increased (34%). Only 17% wanted it decreased.

It’s just like Kari Lake said in a recent confrontation with a reporter. If you go into most black neighborhoods and talk about defunding the police, they’ll look at you “like you’re the craziest person on the planet.” But it’s one thing for a white, conservative Republican to say it — it’s far more important to hear black respondents in a poll confirm it overwhelmingly.

We have pointed it out here again and again and again. In any given year, the police shoot and kill less than 20 unarmed black men, according to the Washington Post database of police shootings. This year, it’s only six so far.

That it is even that many is a tragedy, but it’s also a very low number, signifying an event that is extremely rare in a population of 330 million…”

Scared of Musk…

Free Bird

“…That establishment is right to regard him as a threat. For its guardians require strict conformity in dispensing their twisted gospel of “diversity” if they are to maintain their power and perquisites. Open the door just a little, let just a little sunlight in, and pow! The magic spell that made it seem OK to say that men are women, that “climate change” is a threat to humanity, that COVID is a peril on the same plane as the Black Death, or that BLM and Antifa were justified in burning down our cities—suddenly that spell is broken, and so is the hold over the narrative that these new guardians of conformity had enforced.

The second thing to bear in mind is that the establishment will not sit idly by as Elon Musk challenges their narrative. Everything about Musk is an insult to the coddled, low-testosterone consensus that has been ruining America this last decade through the promulgation of its dependency agenda. It is no accident, as the Marxists say, that even as Musk pushes ahead with his reformation of Twitter, the coercive busybodies of the state have begun making minatory noises about “investigating” Musk. Thus we read that Tesla is under federal investigation over autopilot claims...”

Seems like we don’t have the full story on the Pelosi attack. Something smells fishy…

Paul Pelosi Attack – Follow The Evidence, Not The Media Spin

Pelosi attack suspect David DePape was a psychotic homeless addict estranged from his pedophile lover & their children

Ex of alleged Pelosi attacker says he is ‘mentally ill,’ thought he was Jesus: report

“…The former partner of the suspect is a nudist activist who said she has “always been very progressive.”…”

Police Dispatch Audio: Paul Pelosi When Calling Cops Said ‘He Doesn’t Know Who the Male Is but He Advised that His Name Is David and He Is a Friend’ 

Paul Pelosi Attacker Lived in Berkeley Hippie Commune

Ex-Lover to ‘Notorious’ Pro-Nudist Activist

Lived in Bus Donned With Left Wing Slogans: ‘Ain’t No Sunshine Until Capitalism’s Gone’

Neighbor: ‘They are all about the Black Lives Matter movement. Gay pride’

Don’t listen to the fake garbage spewed by lefty media and irresponsible Democrats. The bullshit stories will likely unravel. Democrats don’t care if it buys them a positive news cycle.

Joe Biden Blames GOP for Attack on Paul Pelosi: He ‘Used Same Chant’ as January 6th Protesters

Related. Is the following story true? I have no idea. It’s as plausible as the big media bullshit:

The Awful Truth: Paul Pelosi Was Drunk Again, And In a Dispute With a Male Prostitute Early Friday Morning.

“…It Doesn’t Add Up: Some People on Social Media Are Questioning Attack on Paul Pelosi

As SF’s gay bars closed at 2 am, two gay men met in a bar and went home together. Happens every night in the City by the Bay. Except one of these two men, was married to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

I might disappear for telling you the truth. If I do, you’ll all know why. But here’s what really happened early Friday morning in San Francisco. IMHO

According to SFPD “RP [Reporting Person] stated that there’s a male in the home and that he’s going to wait for his wife. RP stated that he doesn’t know who the male is but he advised that his name is David, and that he is a friend,” the dispatch official said. “RP sounded somewhat confused.”

It’s been a rumor for years in SF that Paul Pelosi is gay. David Depape is said to be a Castro Nudist. “The lunatic who allegedly assaulted Paul Pelosi is a Berkeley resident and a ‘Former Castro Nudist Protester’ and hemp ‘jewelry maker’ …sounds totally MAGA Republican to me. 🤣🤣” this from Twitter.

Ok, so here’s the theory, as related to me by a source: “Castro Nudists are a group of really radical gay male prostitutes that parade around naked with c–k rings. First of all, the Police did not come in response to an alarm. They come in response to a “wellness check”. So someone called them to check on Pelosi.”

“When he didn’t answer the phone, the cops broke the sliding glass door to get in. Pelosi was struggling with the suspect, who was in his underwear.

Pelosi owned the hammer. Not Depape. Or, the male prostitute was doing something Pelosi didn’t like.”

“And then there was the press conference when they didn’t know the mic was on. During that, a reporter confirmed that the suspect was a gay Castro Nudist, but (authorities) told him he couldn’t use it.”

“Now tell me something. These people are worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Nancy is third in line to the Presidency. You don’t think they have the most amazing security? And by the way, when Pelosi was in that drunk driving accident, he had a young man with him, and that too was covered up by the police and the press.”

“How would (suspect Depape) have been able to break a window that without triggering an alarm? He didn’t. The police broke the window to gain entry. There was only one hammer, and it belonged to Pelosi. And only ONE cop quoted the perpetrator saying, “Where’s Nancy?” None of the other sources said that happened.”…”

Think of the media as Democrat activists…

Are we living through ‘Weekend at Biden’s?’ America needs to know, but the complicit media won’t ask

“…Are staffers covering up for President Joe Biden the way they did for Senate candidate John Fetterman?

Tuesday night’s debate revealed Fetterman’s debilitated post-stroke condition — and thus also exposed both the campaign staff who’d hidden the truth and the Dem-loving members of the media who for months covered for the progressive politico, even stomping on any reporters who raised doubts.

Like Fetterman, Biden keeps the media at arm’s length — vastly more so than any recent prez. He did only nine formal press conferences in all of 2021, and eight so far this year. He’s done just 20 sit-down interviews (many of them softball) through the first year-and-a-half of his presidency.

And that follows his “hide in the basement” presidential campaign, which also required massive media complicity. When he did appear before cameras he often delivered immortal lines like his “Look, fat” while addressing a voter in Iowa.

Turning 80 next month, Biden’s already the oldest man ever to serve as president. And for all his lifelong habit of gaffes and verbal bumbling, it’s becoming harder and harder to watch the man without thinking he has some serious neurological problems…”

The disingenuousness of the race-obsessed American media…

The British Barack Obama?

“…Sunak is, for example, an openly practicing and proud Hindu. He lit Diwali lights around 11 Downing Street and took his oath on the Bhagavad Gita. That’s not someone running from his heritage. And he is also a Brexiteer from conviction, and, unlike Truss, a fiscal conservative who’s a realist about what can and can’t be done in a period of extraordinary economic stress for Brits and massive post-Covid debt.

All of this suggests something too many liberals have forgotten. These countries of alleged “white supremacy” have less racism than almost anywhere else in the world. It is hard to imagine a non-white president of France or Germany or Italy — let alone China or Russia or anywhere in Central Europe. It is hard to think of another empire that was deliberately unwound by its architects, and who then, within two generations, installed the grandson of former colonial subjects to its most powerful office. And Obama, of course, was twice elected with more heartland white support than Hillary Clinton.

Sunak has, moreover, been selected by the Tory party — that bastion of alleged bigotry that has already had three female prime ministers in its history, and now also a non-white man, James Cleverly, as foreign secretary, and a woman of Indian ancestry, Suella Braverman, as home secretary. Three of the top four ministers of state in Sunak’s cabinet are non-white. The new chairman of the Conservative party is Nadhim Zahawi. I’m telling you this because the US MSM — who are usually obsessed with racial representation in every single mundane situation — suddenly aren’t that interested, when some of their woke priors are rattled.

This is true of the broader American left. A faction obsessed with racial “equity” cannot take a moment to observe a historical moment of extraordinary proportions. Some, like Trevor Noah, have even completely invented a racist “backlash” against Sunak that simply hasn’t happened, apart from one call on one radio call-in show. (I was on BBC Radio this morning talking to an interviewer who was simply baffled by the projection.)

Noah has the excuse of being a comedian…”

Doug Santo