Boy oh boy, the paleo-Republicans are lost.

George W. Bush Meets with Illegal Aliens to Promote Amnesty, Snubbing Angel Families

Remind me again how important the vaccines are…

‘100 Per Cent Fully Vaccinated’ Cruise Ship Suffers COVID Outbreak

“…Cruise ship the Ruby Princess, which has a fully vaccinated only policy for both staff and passengers, suffered a COVID outbreak before docking in San Francisco.

“100 per cent safe and effective!”

According to its website, Princess Cruises requires people show both proof of full vaccination and evidence of a negative COVID test before boarding the ship.

The company did not say how many people tested positive but said those infected were “isolated and quarantined while monitored and cared for by our shipboard medical team.”

“As with all Princess itineraries, this cruise is operated as a vaccinated cruise, as defined by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,” the company told the San Francisco Chronicle. “Guests and crew vaccination rates were at 100 percent.”

The ship was on a 15-day cruise to the Panama Canal and had docked in San Francisco on Sunday before the outbreak….”

Listen to this wacked out nut and contemplate that she was close to becoming president.

I hope that cacophony didn’t ruin your day.  She and the DNC were fined by the FEC for lying about the Russia Collusion hoax that was concocted out of whole cloth by faceless Democrat fabulists under her commission. That however does not stop her from making new claims about Trump and Russia. Trump derangement has warped what little common sense was left in her dehydrated and shriveled brain.

George Friedman on the otherworldliness resulting from Biden (Obama/Biden and Biden/Harris) foreign policy decisions

The Emerging Order

“…I started this with the Iranian negotiation, a negotiation that has created what once would have been considered impossible: an Israeli-Arab front confronting the Americans over their opening to Iran. Lean back and imagine how strange this is. And imagine how strange the Russo-Ukrainian situation is. The tragedy is that it took thousands of dead to bring us to the point at which it all started. And with Iran, it has taken us to a place Iran can’t believe it’s in: looking for a break from the Americans while the Arabs and Israelis try to rein the Americans in. When we think of the New World Order, look no further…”

Governor Hairdo self-owns. At least he seems to be re-thinking if banning classic books, or any books, is a good idea.

Check the stack

The demand for anti-black racism far exceeds the supply. So black students make it up.

HATE HOAX: Black students responsible for racist death threat at Sacramento High School

HATE HOAX: Black students responsible for racist death threat at Sacramento High School

Security footage obtained by school officials showed two juvenile black females writing the phrase on the wall, according to the Sheriff’s office.

How bad is the Biden Administration? Headlines spell epic failure to come to grips with national problems.

Poll: American Voters Reject Biden’s Climate Agenda – Want Reliable, Affordable Domestic Energy 

Joe Biden’s Newest Plan to Combat High Gas Prices Is a Mix of Pointless Idiocy and Communism.

Biden’s ‘Billionaire Tax’ Crashes and Burns on Takeoff.


Border State Democrats Beg Biden: ‘Consider Dangerous Impact’ Illegal Immigration Has on Our Communities

Biden’s Deputies: 500,000 Migrants Per Month Expected at Border

Poll: U.S. Voters Reject Biden’s Climate Agenda, Want Domestic Energy

Poll: Biden Losing Support of AZ Voters, Underwater on *ALL* Issues

Poll: Majority Say Biden Should Step Down if Gas Prices Skyrocket to $8

She’s got my vote

Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake vows to declare ‘invasion,’ send armed troops to border


GOP senators push border to forefront; Cornyn warns of human ‘tsunami’ if Biden lifts Title 42

It’s not just stupid, it’s willful.

The sandwich…

Journalism CNN style

CNN Admits Hunter Biden’s Laptop Is Authentic 532 Days After Initial Reporting

Hunter Biden

Great moments with Kamala…

Gibberish? You decide.

Election integrity is very important

Arizona Takes Lead In Blocking Election Ballots To Illegals

“…The whole country is watching Arizona to see if it will strengthen election integrity laws after fraud was strongly suspected there in the 2020 presidential election. So far during the 2022 legislative session, the Arizona Legislature has referred one comprehensive measure to the ballot, the Arizonans for Voter ID Act, and Gov. Doug Ducey has just signed the first election integrity bill to hit his desk. HB 2492, sponsored by State Representative Jake Hoffman (R-Queen Creek), requires proof of citizenship in order to register to vote, with the exception of voting in congressional elections, which is pre-empted by federal law…”


Over 60,000 On NC Vote Rolls Dead, Registered Twice, Live Elsewhere

“Carolina officials need to use the time they still have to prepare voter rolls for the midterm elections” – Public Interest Legal Foundation’s J. Christian Adams

Has any institution fallen farther and faster in public trust than the CDC?

Juvenile, woke medicine. The medical profession is dropping fast.

Think about how removed from reality these “administrators” are…

Unhinged University Administrators Compare IVF Pregnancy To Rape

The difficulties and slow progress of non-political science

Climate Past Far From Settled: 7 Major Temperature Reconstructions Find No Agreement

“…Global mean annual temperature has increased by more than 1 °C during the past 150 years, as documented by thermometer measurements. Such observational data are, unfortunately, not available for the pre-industrial period of the Common Era (CE), for which the climate development is reconstructed using various types of palaeoclimatological proxies. In this analysis, we compared seven prominent hemispheric and global temperature reconstructions for the past 2000 years (T2k) which differed from each other in some segments by more than 0.5 °C. Whilst some T2k show negligible pre-industrial climate variability (“hockey sticks”), others suggest significant temperature fluctuations. We discuss possible sources of error and highlight three criteria that need to be considered to increase the quality and stability of future T2k reconstructions. Temperature proxy series are to be thoroughly validated with regards to (1) reproducibility, (2) seasonal stability, and (3) areal representativeness. The T2k represents key calibration data for climate models. The models need to first reproduce the reconstructed pre-industrial climate history before being validated and cleared for climate projections of the future. Precise attribution of modern warming to anthropogenic and natural causes will not be possible until T2k composites stabilize and are truly representative for a well-defined region and season. The discrepancies between the different T2k reconstructions directly translate into a major challenge with regards to the political interpretation of the climate change risk profile. As a rule of thumb, the larger/smaller the pre-industrial temperature changes, the higher/lower the natural contribution to the current warm period (CWP) will likely be, thus, reducing/increasing the CO2 climate sensitivity and the expected warming until 2100…”

Just like the mounted border patrol agents…

Joe Biden Smeared Kyle Rittenhouse As a White Supremacist But Is Now Hiding from Him

It’s always the loudest moral preeners who project their personal ugliness on others…

Pressure Mounts on Sheldon Whitehouse To Resign in Shame Over Ties to Racist Beach Club

Americans are patient in general, but the abuse from the left has reached unprecedented levels.

People Are Getting Tired of One-Way Tolerance

Inflation Jan 2020 to Feb March 2022

Doug Santo