The wacky left has captured our education system and destroyed it

Boston Public Schools just canceled advanced classes for high-performing students because too many of the kids who qualified were white.

A sign of the times…

Citing Wikipedia’s capture by the left, site’s co-founder launching free-speech-friendly competitor

Book banning tweet of the day

Hat tip to Glenn Reynolds

Journalism – Washington Post style. Do you get your news and opinions from the Post?

Digital book burning, it’s the new thing.

Oh the irony…

Wokaholics anonymous is the only answer


Democrat Governor believes #BelieveAllWomen until he doesn’t

Is there any person anywhere who believes the fake and cynical #BelieveAllWomen bullshit. If you believed it when it was happening, you were played like a fool. If you fall for any nonsense like this again, it’s all on you.


I hope these cartoons explain my disgust with American media. Media, journalism and the people who occupy these professions are a joke.

Biden makes more changes to the military. It’s all for the good, and wokaholics feel better about themselves.

At the intersection of Mayberry and gibberish

Woka Cola diversity princess. Fake and stupid from head to foot.

Woke is the new racism. It is bone-headed stupid.

Doug Santo