California Democrats continue their mad rush to destroy our great state…

California Restaurants Cut Jobs as Fast-Food Wages Set to Rise

“…In San Jose, Brian Hom, owner of two Vitality Bowls restaurants, now runs his stores with two employees, versus four workers that he typically used in the past. That means it takes longer to make customers’ açaí bowls and other orders, and Hom said he is also raising prices by around 10% to help cover the increased labor costs.

“I’m definitely not going to hire anymore,” he said.

Proponents of the California law setting the new minimum food-worker wage and a state-appointed council overseeing it have said the measures would help improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of local workers. Organized labor groups have said they hope to replicate the law in other states.

The coming minimum-wage increase for California fast-food workers at bigger chains represents a 25% increase from the state’s broader $16 minimum wage. McDonald’s, MCD -1.42%decrease; red down pointing triangle Chipotle Mexican Grill CMG 0.74%increase; green up pointing triangle, Jack in the Box JACK -0.97%decrease; red down pointing triangle and other restaurant chains have said they would raise menu prices in California to offset some of the cost.

Many California restaurant operators are looking for other ways to cover the cost, like reducing hours, closing during slower parts of the day or serving menu items that take less time to make.

“I can’t charge $20 for Happy Meals. I’m leaving no stones unturned,” said Scott Rodrick, owner of 18 McDonald’s restaurants in Northern California.

Other restaurateurs, including Hom of Vitality Bowls, said they are turning down opportunities to open new locations in California and looking at expanding in other states instead…”

Restaurants Lay Off Workers as $20 Minimum Wage Arrives

The real minimum wage is $0.00/hour.


California Democrats are Building a Giant Political Slush Fund

Too much to excerpt here. Well worth your time to click over for an enlightening read. Democrats do this stuff.



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