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The Domestic Terror Attacks You Haven’t Heard About

“…For a few years now, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, national politicians, and the media have warned us about the growing rise of white nationalist militias and alt-right fascists. Reports have repeatedly documented that they are the biggest threat to the nation domestically.

In Atlanta, Georgia, we see this first hand, and nationally everyone should pay attention to what they are doing.

A white militia firebombed a mostly non-white at-risk youth center on the west side of Atlanta. They also firebombed the offices of a building contractor with law enforcement ties. In fact, because the contractor has been working with various law enforcement agencies, the militia firebombed one of the offices and vandalized another. They even showed up at churches where their employees worked and disrupted church services. The militia has harassed employees, the employees’ spouses, and their children. In at least two cases, the militia has harassed extended family and friends all to punish the workers for that contractor.

Two days ago, the same group of white nationalists shot a police officer in Atlanta and are now pledging revenge after the shooter himself died in return fire.

Amazingly, the national media has not covered this ongoing series of attacks. The white nationalists even stormed into a fire station and attacked the firefighters, and vandalized the fire station.

Actually, it would be amazing if white nationalists did all that. But they didn’t. It was, instead, an ANTIFA-affiliated group with ties to organizations that, in turn, have ties to Stacey Abrams and various progressive activists.

These terrorists are almost all from outside Georgia. They came into the state pledging to stop the development of a police training facility in DeKalb County, Georgia. The 89 acres of land is owned by the City of Atlanta and had been a prison farm. Atlanta wants to turn it into a training facility and thinks better training will help build a better, more stable police force…”

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Doug Santo