Think of the media as Democrat activists…

Are we living through ‘Weekend at Biden’s?’ America needs to know, but the complicit media won’t ask

“…Are staffers covering up for President Joe Biden the way they did for Senate candidate John Fetterman?

Tuesday night’s debate revealed Fetterman’s debilitated post-stroke condition — and thus also exposed both the campaign staff who’d hidden the truth and the Dem-loving members of the media who for months covered for the progressive politico, even stomping on any reporters who raised doubts.

Like Fetterman, Biden keeps the media at arm’s length — vastly more so than any recent prez. He did only nine formal press conferences in all of 2021, and eight so far this year. He’s done just 20 sit-down interviews (many of them softball) through the first year-and-a-half of his presidency.

And that follows his “hide in the basement” presidential campaign, which also required massive media complicity. When he did appear before cameras he often delivered immortal lines like his “Look, fat” while addressing a voter in Iowa.

Turning 80 next month, Biden’s already the oldest man ever to serve as president. And for all his lifelong habit of gaffes and verbal bumbling, it’s becoming harder and harder to watch the man without thinking he has some serious neurological problems…”

Doug Santo