RIP Woody Williams, the last surviving Medal of Honor recipient from WW2. There were 472 MOH recipients in WWII.


Ineffective talking goofballs in media and politics…

The psychotic mumblings of an international high-priestess in the cult of climate.

Biden Administration is staffed by ideologues. These are not serious people.

Energy Secretary Granholm violated Hatch Act by encouraging votes for Democrats during interview

Americans do not support frantic craziness

Expanding Supreme Court Opposed by Americans, Even After Roe Decision: Poll

Woke stupidity. This Democrat will not be punished because of liberal privilege. We have two systems of justice.

California AG leaks names and addresses of EVERY gun owner in the state

All woke idiots should be kicked out of the medical profession.

Nurse at Illinois hospital resigns after being condemned for bragging that she refused to prescribe VIAGRA to ‘white men who vote conservative’

    • Shawna Harris, a registered nurse in Illinois, resigns after tweeting she will not prescribe Viagra to white conservative men
    • Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center announced Harris’ resignation in a joint statement apologizing for the ‘discriminatory’ tweet
    • The controversial tweet was sent hours after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade on Friday

J6 – Just another Democrat/media hoax. These people hate Trump more than they love life.

Secret Service lead and presidential driver are prepared to testify under oath that Trump did NOT grab steering wheel or lunge at agents to drive himself to Capitol on January 6

    • Bobby Engel, the lead agent on Trump’s detail, and the presidential driver at the time are prepared to testify under oath to the committee that Hutchinson’s testimony is incorrect, according to multiple news outlets
    • ‘I’m the effing president, take me to the Capitol now,’ Cassidy Hutchinson, Mark Meadows’ top aide, said Trump ordered
    • ‘Sir, you need to take your hand off the steering wheel. We’re going back to the West Wing, we’re not going to the Capitol,’ Hutchinson was told Secret Service agent Robert Engel said
    • ‘Mr. Trump then used his free hand to lunge towards Bobby Engel,’ Hutchinson recalled
    • Hutchinson was revealed to be the surprise witness for Tuesday’s last-minute January 6 hearing
    • Hutchinson also testified that Trump was ‘furious’ that his armed supporters were not allowed into the official grounds for his Stop The Steal rally on Jan. 6
    • ‘Who cares if they have weapons, they’re not here to hurt me,’ the former president allegedly said
    • Follow along with’s rolling live blog for minute-to-minute coverage of the hearing


Related. You thought liberal media could not debase themselves further than their last low? Think again:

Just pathetic.

Our Media is a bunch of pathetic losers.

Related. The story unravels in less than 24 hours:

We have the worst media and political class of my life.

Related. The evidence of bad-faith political stupidity on the part of Democrats and anti-Trumpers piles up:

Jan. 6 panel effort to blame Trump for violence ignores pointed warnings Congress got much earlier

Related. Many conservatives and otherwise normal people fall for these stories over and over, like a fish chasing after a shiny lure:

Fox News Falls for Cassidy Hutchinson Hoax Testimony


“…Fox News and other members of the corporate press praised Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony to the January 6 Committee just hours before Secret Service agents reportedly announced their intent to contradict Hutchinson’s testimony under oath…”

This Geraldo tweet is a classic of the genre:

In just a few hours the Geraldo tweet aged into a telling self-criticism of what is wrong with our media.

update: Hutchinson ‘Bombshells’–All Duds!

*another* epic fake news humiliation

Cassidy Hutchinson and Liz Cheney hugging (Brandon Bell / Getty)

And finally, voters react to all the fakery and liberal bullshit:

Trump-Endorsed Candidates Remain on Fire After Going Perfect 12-0 in Tuesday’s Primaries

Trump-Endorsed Candidates Remain on Fire After Going Perfect 12-0 in Tuesday’s Primaries

Meme’s are cranking up:

More “journalism”

Important Questions the White House Press Corps Will Never Ask Joe Biden

“…The topic of Hunter Biden is streng verboten for so-called “mainstream” journalists, and so Our Alleged President will never face tough questioning about this subject. . . .

Hey, did you ever hear anyone — anyone — from CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, PBS, the New York Times, the Washington Post or the Associated Press mention this Senate report about Hunter Biden’s involvement with Eastern European human trafficking rings? Or did any journalist from any of these organizations ever engage in real reporting about the sources of Hunter Biden’s income and possible connections with Hunter’s father? No, of course not. They are determined to ignore this story, because it wouldn’t help Democrats win elections, and helping Democrats win elections is the only thing “mainstream” journalists really care about. “Operatives with bylines,”…”

Childish ideologues run our country


Reality Sinks In: France Reviving Coal Plants to Survive Energy Crisus

Joe Biden Appears Confused as Emanuel Macron Pulls Him Aside to Discuss Middle East Oil Production

GARMISCH-PARTENKIRCHEN, GERMANY - JUNE 28: US President Joe Biden prepares for meeting with other G7 leaders at Elmau Castle on June 28, 2022 near Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany. Leaders of the G7 group of nations are officially coming together under the motto: "progress towards an equitable world" and will discuss global issues …

When the facts don’t fit your narrative, change the facts. “Journalism”

Great moments with Kamala…

Harris on Whether She’s Worried about Recession: ‘No Higher Priority Than What We Have Been Clear Is our Highest Priority,’ Lowering Costs

Biden’s operated a shakedown operation while Joe was VP

Social media is garbage…

Twitter dismisses Clarence Thomas threat but censors peer-reviewed study on COVID vax and fertility


The Magnificence of Dobbs

The Greatest Supreme Court Decision of All Time?

Enter Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organizationdecided by the Supreme Court Friday. Dobbs overruled Roe v. Wade’s constitutionally indefensible and morally atrocious creation of a nonexistent constitutional right to abortion of the life of a human fetus throughout pregnancy—a “constitutional right” of some human beings to kill other human beings (to describe the holding of Roe bluntly but not unfairly). Dobbs overruled Planned Parenthood v. Casey’s even more pernicious decision reaffirming Roe not on the basis that it was right but on the basis of a perverted version of the judicial doctrine of “stare decisis” and the Court’s desire to preserve its imagined image of infallibility, supremacy, and prestige.

Worth your time to click over for the whole piece.

Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Football Coach Who Prayed With His Players After Games

Justice Neil Gorsuch issued the majority opinion, in which he wrote:

Mr. Kennedy prayed during a period when school employees were free to speak with a friend, call for a reservation at a restaurant, check email, or attend to other personal matters. He offered his prayers quietly while his students were otherwise occupied. Still, the Bremerton School District disciplined him anyway. It did so because it thought anything less could lead a reasonable observer to conclude (mistakenly) that it endorsed Mr. Kennedy’s religious beliefs. That reasoning was misguided. Both the Free Exercise and Free Speech Clauses of the First Amendment protect expressions like Mr. Kennedy’s. Nor does a proper understanding of the Amendment’s Establishment Clause require the government to single out private religious speech for special disfavor. The Constitution and the best of our traditions counsel mutual respect and tolerance, not censorship and suppression, for religious and nonreligious views alike.

A sampling of lib craziness on Roe decision…

‘F**k America’

Green Day frontman Renouncing Citizenship over Roe Reversal

Green Day Rocker Billie Joe Armstrong Renouncing His Citizenship over Roe Reversal: ‘F**k America’

Pop Star Pink Demands Pro-Life Americans ‘Never F**king Listen to My Music Again’

Pop Star Pink Demands Pro-Life Americans ‘Never F**king Listen to My Music Again’

Marvel-Disney Star Samuel L. Jackson Blasts Justice Thomas as ‘Uncle Clarence’ in Racist Pile-On

Marvel-Disney Star Samuel L. Jackson Blasts Justice Thomas as ‘Uncle Clarence’ in Racist Pile-On

Night of Rage: Christian Pregnancy Center in Colorado Set on Fire After Roe v. Wade Decision

PHOTOS: Christian Pregnancy Center in Colorado Set on Fire After Roe v. Wade Decision

The wages of woke stupidity – women as second class citizens.

29-Year Old Man Identifying as Woman Beats Teen Girl at Skateboarding Tournament: ‘It’s Madness’

Twenty-Nine-Year-Old Man Identifying as Woman Beats Teen Girl at Skateboarding Tournament: ‘It’s Madness’

Doug Santo