Irresponsible Democrat politicians, bureaucrats, and media personalities have destroyed the lives of many weak-minded people…

All this crazy nonsense over a flu strain with a better than 99% recovery rate for most people.

Headline of the day

After Conviction For Sex Crimes, Ghislaine Maxwell Announces New Job At CNN.

Jonathan Turley on the Ashley Biden Diary

Ashley Biden’s Diary: Will The FBI Raid The New York Times?

“…The Christmas Eve order for the New York Times to return confidential legal material from the conservative publication, Project Veritas, has led many to decry the imposition of a “prior restraint” on the media. I joined in expressing those concerns about courts preventing a news publication and then ordering the return of material sent by a source. That issue will be now be addressed in the courts. One question, however, remains:  when will the FBI raid the home of New York Times publisher, A.G. Sulzberger?

That is what the Justice Department did when Project Veritas was given the diary of President Joe Biden’s daughter, Ashley – the subject of the New York Times story. They raided the home and seized the confidential communications of the founder of Project Veritas, James O’Keefe, as well as others associated with this publication.

Of course, Project Veritas is hardly popular with many in the media as an outfit known for ambush journalism. Yet, both publications were given stolen or abandoned confidential material. The difference in response appears based on source of the material and the political orientation of the publication. Ashley Biden’s diary was deemed a federal issue of such importance that the Administration conducted highly intrusive searches and seizures targeting a publisher. Conversely, the New York Times obtained core attorney-client material that was unlawfully taken from Project Veritas…”

When you’re so confident in your “truth” that you have to censor disbelievers…

Covid is politics. Covid is religion.

Florida Surgeon General claims Biden Administration is “actively preventing” distribution of monoclinal antibody treatments to Florida



When politics is more important than effective medical treatments

Meanwhile, the “journalists” over at CNN…

Police Confirm Jake Tapper’s Producer Under Investigation by Child Exploitation Squad

How have Biden’s Covid policies worked? Not so good…

Biden’s COVID record: Highest daily case total, low test kit supply, and a federal role reversal




Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez


Poll: Joe Biden’s Job Approval Crashes to 36 Percent

The Flu took a year off…

Flu is making a comeback in US after an unusual year off

You have to be a nitwit to believe the crap the media spews. Flu never took time off. It was with us all along. The tests for Covid could not differentiate between Flu and Covid. Every positive test was interpreted as Covid. The tests themselves were only about 50% accurate anyway.


Headline of the day

Transgender Jeopardy! contestant, who is a man, becomes all-time female winner

Just how stupid are the mask mandates and vaccine mandates? This stupid…

“I’m going to shut down the virus!”

Another good piece by Igor Chudov on vax effectiveness

Denmark: Vaccine a DANGER to the vaxxed

Igor Chudov:

“…This is a short post — but the two studies cited have incredible implications.

Turns out, as was pointed out many times here, that negative effectiveness of vaccines and rapidly waning (and soon going negative) effectiveness of boosters against Omicron, received another and very important scientific confirmation.

Vaccine effectiveness against SARS-CoV-2 infection with the Omicron or Delta variants following a two-dose or booster BNT162b2 or mRNA-1273 vaccination series: A Danish cohort study


It turns out that just three months after “primary vaccination”, VE against Omicron turns into very negative territory. Instead of being a protective device, like a life jacket, vaccination instead becomes harmful, like a chain attached to an ankle.

Boosters to the Rescue

The mRNA magic soup does restores “protection”, but in a very odd manner:

  • the first two weeks past the booster shot give the vaccinee stronly NEGATIVE or at least NO protection (depending on primary series). This is why people who received a booster shot, are not considered “fully boosted” until two weeks pass after the jab. The infections occurring in these first two weeks are not officially counted “against” the booster, overstating effectiveness of this treatment. This is discussed in my article “Boris Johnson’s Biggest Blunder”.
  • Then at two weeks, according to the UK, booster becomes great again, and vaccinees enjoy “protection”, however only amounting to measly 55%. However, booster protection starts declining right away. By just extrapolating the line, booster protection may evaporate after about 17 weeks. (nobody knows exactly when, but you get the idea)
  • So the boosted have two terrible first weeks, then a few decent weeks, quickly turning into so-so protection, and going to no protection again in 17 weeks, give or take.

If this is not “vaccine failure”, then what is?…”

The sole reliance on vaccination as a primary strategy to mitigate COVID-19 and its adverse consequences needs to be re-examined

Increases in COVID-19 are unrelated to levels of vaccination across 68 countries and 2947 counties in the United States


“…At the country-level, there appears to be no discernable relationship between percentage of population fully vaccinated and new COVID-19 cases in the last 7 days (Fig. 1). In fact, the trend line suggests a marginally positive association such that countries with higher percentage of population fully vaccinated have higher COVID-19 cases per 1 million people. Notably, Israel with over 60% of their population fully vaccinated had the highest COVID-19 cases per 1 million people in the last 7 days. The lack of a meaningful association between percentage population fully vaccinated and new COVID-19 cases is further exemplified, for instance, by comparison of Iceland and Portugal. Both countries have over 75% of their population fully vaccinated and have more COVID-19 cases per 1 million people than countries such as Vietnam and South Africa that have around 10% of their population fully vaccinated.

Fig. 1

Relationship between cases per 1 million people (last 7 days) and percentage of population fully vaccinated across 68 countries as of September 3, 2021 (See Table S1 for the underlying data). Full size image

Across the US counties too, the median new COVID-19 cases per 100,000 people in the last 7 days is largely similar across the categories of percent population fully vaccinated (Fig. 2). Notably there is also substantial county variation in new COVID-19 cases within categories of percentage population fully vaccinated. There also appears to be no significant signaling of COVID-19 cases decreasing with higher percentages of population fully vaccinated (Fig. 3).

Fig. 2

Median, interquartile range and variation in cases per 100,000 people in the last 7 days across percentage of population fully vaccinated as of September 2, 2021. Full size image

Fig. 3

Percentage of counties that experienced an increase of cases between two consecutive 7-day time periods by percentage of population fully vaccinated across 2947 counties as of September 2, 2021. Full size image

Of the top 5 counties that have the highest percentage of population fully vaccinated (99.9–84.3%), the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) identifies 4 of them as “High” Transmission counties. Chattahoochee (Georgia), McKinley (New Mexico), and Arecibo (Puerto Rico) counties have above 90% of their population fully vaccinated with all three being classified as “High” transmission. Conversely, of the 57 counties that have been classified as “low” transmission counties by the CDC, 26.3% (15) have percentage of population fully vaccinated below 20%.

Since full immunity from the vaccine is believed to take about 2 weeks after the second dose, we conducted sensitivity analyses by using a 1-month lag on the percentage population fully vaccinated for countries and US counties. The above findings of no discernable association between COVID-19 cases and levels of fully vaccinated was also observed when we considered a 1-month lag on the levels of fully vaccinated (Supplementary Figure 1, Supplementary Figure 2).

We should note that the COVID-19 case data is of confirmed cases, which is a function of both supply (e.g., variation in testing capacities or reporting practices) and demand-side (e.g., variation in people’s decision on when to get tested) factors.


The sole reliance on vaccination as a primary strategy to mitigate COVID-19 and its adverse consequences needs to be re-examined, especially considering the Delta (B.1.617.2) variant and the likelihood of future variants. Other pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions may need to be put in place alongside increasing vaccination rates. Such course correction, especially with regards to the policy narrative, becomes paramount with emerging scientific evidence on real world effectiveness of the vaccines…”

There is not a dwindling interest in news. There is a dwindling interest in biased, one-sided, agenda-driven, liberal opinion put forth as news.

Outlets hurt by dwindling public interest in news in 2021

“…The metrics are ugly for many television, digital and print news organizations: after record-setting engagement numbers in 2020, many people are cutting back on news consumption…”

An interesting piece by Steve Kirsch on the number of Americans dead from the vaccines

Yet another independent study confirms over 150K Americans killed by the COVID vaccines

Steve Kirsch:

“…A new independent study using analysis of excess deaths showed that our estimate of the number of excess deaths was consistent with what they found.

Here are some quotes from the paper:

  1. Results from fitted regression slopes (p<0.05 FDR corrected) suggest a US national average VFR of 0.04% and higher VFR with age (VFR=0.004% in ages 0-17 increasing to 0.06% in ages >75 years), and 146K to 187K vaccine-associated US deaths between February and August, 2021.
  2. Comparing our estimate with the CDC-reported VFR (0.002%) suggests VAERS deaths are underreported by a factor of 20, consistent with known VAERS under-ascertainment bias
  3. Comparing our age-stratified VFRs with published age-stratified coronavirus infection fatality rates (IFR) suggests the risks of COVID vaccines and boosters outweigh the benefits in children, young adults and older adults with low occupational risk or previous coronavirus exposure.
  4. Interestingly, our estimates of 133K to 187K vaccine-related deaths are very similar to recent, independent estimates based off of US VAERS data through August 28th, 2021 by Rose and Crawford (11).

In other words, these researchers found numbers similar to what we found, within a factor of 2. They agree that over 150,000 people have been killed by the vaccines so far. This is more than 3 times the number killed in combat in the Vietnam war; a war which lasted for nearly 20 years.

Meanwhile, critics like my good “friend” Jeffrey Morris admit they haven’t got a clue as to how many people have died and can’t figure out even a single way to estimate it. Stunning. He still thinks there is no proof of causality.

Here’s a 10th method that finds > 200,000 deaths from the vaccine

Courtesy of SidDavis on substack:

(1) Using weekly CDC reports of Deaths from All Causes during the 6 years from January, 2014 to January, 2020, I identified and measured oscillations in that data set to establish the normal weekly pattern and magnitude of deaths we should expect in 2020, 2021 and beyond.

(2) i compared CDC weekly reports of Deaths from All Causes, January 18, 2020 through December 14, 2020. December 14, 2020 was when vaccinations began. The total of deaths in excess of the expected norm was 369,857 or a weekly average of 7,705.366.

(3) I compared CDC weekly reports of Deaths from All Causes, December 14, 2020 through November 13, 2021. The November 13, 2921 report was the most recent with materially correct data. The total of deaths in excess of the expected norm during this period was 487,905 or a weekly average of 10,039.680.

(4) The average increase in excess deaths after vaccines began was 2,334.314 per week or 112,047 deaths in total which can be attributed to the vaccines. Based on these calculations, a reasonable estimate through the end of 2021 is 200,000 deaths.

The estimate of deaths attributed to the vaccines calculated with this logic is if anything low. The medical profession has improved their treatment methods so that should have caused a decrease in deaths as time passed, but the rate instead increased. The most vulnerable should be the first to so as time passed the death rate should have decreased, but the rate instead increased. This means that the vaccine caused deaths would have been slightly higher than my calculated estimate.

Proof of causality

There are so many ways to show the vaccines cause death.

  1. COVID-19 vaccine: Strong association with cardiovascular death, especially hemorrhagic stroke and venous thrombosis shows the mortality odds ratio (MOR) >2 and is highly statistically significant for a variety of adverse events. That can’t happen by chance.
  2. On COVID vaccines: why they cannot work, and irrefutable evidence of their causative role in deaths after vaccination
  3. The autopsy work of Dr. Peter Schirmacher in Germany
  4. Jessica Rose’s analysis of the VAERS data showing dose dependency (the graphs are supposed to look the same on Dose 1 and Dose 2 if the vaccines don’t kill people)
  5. The other 8 other analyses listed in this paper

Still no stopping condition; nobody in Congress or at the CDC will set one

However, there is no stopping condition for these vaccines and no member of Congress or the CDC is willing to draw a line in the sand and say, “The US government should halt the vaccines after X number of Americans have been killed.”

A reasonable stopping condition is 32 people. In 1976 we stopped the H1N1 vaccine after just 32 deaths.

Today, the number of deaths allowed is unlimited. And there is no liability for the manufacturers. And there have been no payouts at all to the hundreds of thousands of vaccine injured. Zero. Zip. Nada.

Nobody in Congress (or the mainstream media) seems troubled by the fact that the vaccines kill more people than they save. The Pfizer Phase 3 trial saved 1 life from COVID for every 22,000 people vaccinated. So for 220M fully vaccinated, it’s 10,000 lives saved, but150,000 or more people killed. So we kill 15 people to save 1. And we mandate it to boot.

Maybe someday, we’ll find one member of Congress who will actually pay attention to what the data says and say two words, “I object.”

I need your help to stop the vaccine. Nobody in Congress has the courage to set a stopping condition.

Perhaps one of the 100,000 readers of this article could have a discussion with their representative.

I’ve tried. None of the people in Congress I’ve supported over the years will talk to me anymore. Even their staffs won’t even read what I wrote because it doesn’t agree with what the CDC claims.

Until that day when we find a member of Congress who will listen, I’ll keep writing and hoping that others will succeed where I have failed…”

An interesting look at UK data from Igor Chudov. Omicron: Boosting is worse than no vax

UK: Being Vaccinated DOUBLES the Risk of Getting Omicron

Igor Chudov:

“…An interesting post on substack today mentioned a brand new and interesting data set: the UK Coronavirus Infection Survey from Dec 21. My quick post will take a slightly different take on the data, that is nothing short of shocking but completely agrees with what is happening in Denmark.

The conclusion from this data is that in the UK, being vaccinated DOUBLES the chance of catching Omicron compared to the unvaxxed.

How could this be? Isn’t it crazy?

It can easily happen, exactly the same thing is happening in Denmark, and the article below will hopefully explain.

Using UK population and the number of vaccinated Brits, let’s arrange the data into easier form:


The most damning piece is that the ignorant, science-denying unvaccinated, in the UK, are 25% of the population, but they ONLY get 12.2% of Omicron cases. This means that the unvaxxed are TWICE LESS LIKELY to get Omicron and, therefore, the vaccinated are TWICE MORE LIKELY to get Omicron. Somehow, their vaccination status makes the vaccinated twice more susceptible to catching Omicron compared to the “comparison group”.

Wow. How can this be? Please read my previous Denmark update — it has a section dedicated to this question — and the discussion for that post for details. All of the explanations portend future bad news to the vaccinated.

Here’s what I said about Denmark, which 100% applies to the UK:

What is going on? I can think of three explanations.

  • The unvaccinated include more Covid-recovered who are immune to Covid. This is very uncertain as to the extent of this, as many recovered persons were bamboozled into getting a vaccine also.
  • The vaccine antibodies are actually aiding and abetting Omicron in penetrating mucosal barrier and overcoming immune defenses. This is called “ADE” and was much discussed on substack, in my previous post as well as many others. Click on the links in the above article.
  • The vaccine generally destroys immunity, and Omicron evades vaccine antibodies, making Omicron as infectious as without the vaccine, but without the working immune system to oppose it.

Wait, but boosters will save us!

No, they will not. The UK data that I am describing, is dated up to December 12. This means that the number of “fully boosted”, that is, boosted persons who had more than 14 days past booster, is the number of individuals receiving booster shot as of Nov 27 (more than 14 days before Dec 12), or 17,611,000 persons.

The number of Omicron cases among these fully boosted by Dec 12, is 1.23 per million (21 cases per 17.611 million boosted).

The number of Omicron cases among unvaccinated persons is 0.82 per million (14 cases per 17.126 million unvaccinated).

So the boosted are also in a worse position, compared to the unvaccinated, with higher rate of illness.

Such is the “success” of vaccination policy in the UK. Mind you, I am not badmouthing the UK. I am in the US and we are facing exactly the same failure, but do not have reporting agencies like the UK does, to tell us the truth.

The vaccinated are now entrapped in a “vaccine trap”, whereby boosters give a short and small improvement, but still leave them worse off than the pure-blood unvaccinated persons.

Will boosters prevent “severe cases”?

It is way to early to tell. There is, at present, zero evidence that boosters, or vaccinations against the two year old Wuhan virus that is long extinct, reduce severe outcomes from Omicron with its extensive immune evasion. The so-called “experts” who “expect protection from boosters”, are pulling their opinions from thin air…”

How quickly they change (Democrat edition)


How quickly they change (Covid edition)


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