An interesting look at UK data from Igor Chudov. Omicron: Boosting is worse than no vax

UK: Being Vaccinated DOUBLES the Risk of Getting Omicron

Igor Chudov:

“…An interesting post on substack today mentioned a brand new and interesting data set: the UK Coronavirus Infection Survey from Dec 21. My quick post will take a slightly different take on the data, that is nothing short of shocking but completely agrees with what is happening in Denmark.

The conclusion from this data is that in the UK, being vaccinated DOUBLES the chance of catching Omicron compared to the unvaxxed.

How could this be? Isn’t it crazy?

It can easily happen, exactly the same thing is happening in Denmark, and the article below will hopefully explain.

Using UK population and the number of vaccinated Brits, let’s arrange the data into easier form:


The most damning piece is that the ignorant, science-denying unvaccinated, in the UK, are 25% of the population, but they ONLY get 12.2% of Omicron cases. This means that the unvaxxed are TWICE LESS LIKELY to get Omicron and, therefore, the vaccinated are TWICE MORE LIKELY to get Omicron. Somehow, their vaccination status makes the vaccinated twice more susceptible to catching Omicron compared to the “comparison group”.

Wow. How can this be? Please read my previous Denmark update — it has a section dedicated to this question — and the discussion for that post for details. All of the explanations portend future bad news to the vaccinated.

Here’s what I said about Denmark, which 100% applies to the UK:

What is going on? I can think of three explanations.

  • The unvaccinated include more Covid-recovered who are immune to Covid. This is very uncertain as to the extent of this, as many recovered persons were bamboozled into getting a vaccine also.
  • The vaccine antibodies are actually aiding and abetting Omicron in penetrating mucosal barrier and overcoming immune defenses. This is called “ADE” and was much discussed on substack, in my previous post as well as many others. Click on the links in the above article.
  • The vaccine generally destroys immunity, and Omicron evades vaccine antibodies, making Omicron as infectious as without the vaccine, but without the working immune system to oppose it.

Wait, but boosters will save us!

No, they will not. The UK data that I am describing, is dated up to December 12. This means that the number of “fully boosted”, that is, boosted persons who had more than 14 days past booster, is the number of individuals receiving booster shot as of Nov 27 (more than 14 days before Dec 12), or 17,611,000 persons.

The number of Omicron cases among these fully boosted by Dec 12, is 1.23 per million (21 cases per 17.611 million boosted).

The number of Omicron cases among unvaccinated persons is 0.82 per million (14 cases per 17.126 million unvaccinated).

So the boosted are also in a worse position, compared to the unvaccinated, with higher rate of illness.

Such is the “success” of vaccination policy in the UK. Mind you, I am not badmouthing the UK. I am in the US and we are facing exactly the same failure, but do not have reporting agencies like the UK does, to tell us the truth.

The vaccinated are now entrapped in a “vaccine trap”, whereby boosters give a short and small improvement, but still leave them worse off than the pure-blood unvaccinated persons.

Will boosters prevent “severe cases”?

It is way to early to tell. There is, at present, zero evidence that boosters, or vaccinations against the two year old Wuhan virus that is long extinct, reduce severe outcomes from Omicron with its extensive immune evasion. The so-called “experts” who “expect protection from boosters”, are pulling their opinions from thin air…”

Doug Santo