Insanity as political ideology…

What the Feds Are Teaching in Diversity Training: Men can get pregnant, don’t you dare ask for data, and other lessons from diversity training across the federal government

We live in the age of stupid.

The federal bureaucracy is a Democrat bureaucracy working to protect and advance Democrats

Former FBI exec: Bureau has become completely political

“…Ex-FBI Assistant Director Chris Swecker on Tuesday became the latest law enforcement or political figure to support creating an independent commission modeled after the U.S. Senate’s 1970s Church Committee to investigate the FBI’s practices and impose reforms on the storied law enforcement agency…”

Atmospheric river, bomb cyclone are media hype to fool you and promote climate change. Storms are storms. Some are stronger than others. Storms occur every year.

George Carlin. This is worth a repost.

Top U.S. Cardiologist says I’m going to be very clear about this. The Vaccine is Killing people and it’s killing large numbers of people. CDC has over 16,000 Americans that have died within a few days of taking the vaccine and that’s probably a gross underreport.

Headline of the day…


Reason, moderation, and common sense. Some Democrats step forward.

Dem Rep. Khanna: I Am Open To Voting For A Republican Speaker Willing To Compromise And Work With Biden

The vaccines are not all they were cracked up to be

Key GOP senator slams ‘complete state of denial’ over potential COVID vaccine harm


Pioneering medical group chief floats ‘shared pathophysiology’ between vax injury, long COVID

“…Australia’s Kerryn Phelps tells Parliament both she and her wife suffered serious vaccine adverse reactions…”


How Twitter Suppressed Truthful Information About Covid

The vaccines are not all they were cracked up to be

Biden: “I’ll paraphrase the phrase of my old neighborhood: The rest of the countries, the world is not a patch in our jeans, if we do what we wanna do, we need to do.”

For many Democrats Covid is not over. It’s a lifestyle.

Kamala Harris Demands Negative COVID Test for Senators, Guests Over Age of 2 for Swearing-In Photo.

The federal bureaucracy is a Democrat bureaucracy working for the protection and benefit of Democrats.

Lawsuit: DOJ Concealing Records of Biden Family Payoffs with China and Russia


Retired FBI boss says agency has lost independence, been co-opted by liberal DOJ ideologues

Prophet of doom predicts doom. Previous predictions of doom notwithstanding. Doom is coming. Meanwhile dumb is here.

Paul Ehrlich Claims Vindication for his Climate Catastrophe Prediction

“…Serial doomsday prophet Paul Ehrlich admits he got it wrong on mass starvation, the green revolution (agricultural) boosted yields and fed the world. But this hasn’t discouraged Ehrlich from making more predictions of mass doom – he claims his 1968 climate catastrophe predictions are still on track…”

60 Minutes interview. Why do liberals love this stuff? Is liberalism a mental disorder?

Can you guess what it is?

8 of the 10 Neediest Cities in America Have Something in Common

Well, the midterms are over…

St. Louis Fed Quietly Finds US Is Now In A Recession

“…First, it was the Philadelphia Fed which effectively revised what was according to the BLS a gain of 1.1 million jobs to just 10,500 jobs, meaning that the Fed was looking at erroneously overstated, arguably politicized data, as it unleashed its burst of 75bps rate hikes in June… which happened just as June jobs number turned negative.

Then, a few days later, the Cleveland Fed suggested that the Fed’s entire inflation view is wrong, relying on core CPI (and PCE) data that is woefully, even dangerously, delayed – in some cases lagging market data by up to 12 months, and suggesting that rent inflation – a core component of shelter and OER inflation which is arguably the most important component of “sticky” US service inflation – is actually far lower if measured correctly…”

Beautiful, magnificent animals…

If you think DeSantis is a better candidate than Trump because he will be better accepted by the media and the left, I’ve got a #MeToo to sell you.

Liberalism is a cult religion and an early indicator of mental dysfunction…

Excess deaths reach 1,000 per week in Britain


Half think COVID vaccine is deadly

“…Nearly a third of the nation believes the COVID-19 vaccine has killed somebody they know, highlighting the safety concerns the public still has about the shot.

As the first family renewed their call for the country to get vaccinated, 28% of likely voters told Rasmussen Reports that they “personally know” somebody they think died from the side effects of the shot.

What’s more, 49% said that vaccine side effects have caused “unexplained deaths,” one of the factors in the trending new hashtag, “#DiedSuddenly,” based on the just-released documentary.

Died Suddenly has been criticized as promoting “debunked” anti-vaccine conspiracy theories but has been seen by some 15 million people.

More Democrats, by a 33%-26% margin, believe the shot has been lethal.

Still, 71% said they have received the vaccine against the coronavirus, led by Democrats, 85% to just 63% of Republicans and 64% of independents…”

Doug Santo