An Englishman’s analysis of the State of the Union


“…It’s been the most incredible week in Washington D.C., and without doubt the most successful of the Trump presidency to date. In 2016, many people laughed at me when I said Trump would win. When I said it again to Democrats who I met this time, there was no laughter, just an empty stare.

The main reason for my visit was that, with Brexit achieved, I am now out of full-time work and out of elected politics for the first time in more than 20 years. An invitation from Texan Congressman Louie Gohmert to sit in the gallery and watch Trump’s State of the Union address proved irresistible.

The speech itself was by far the best that I’ve ever seen Trump give. He was in control from start to finish. As he championed the economic gains line by line, the Republican Congressmen and Senators rose to their feet and applauded. What astonished me was how many others sitting in the gallery joined in as well, even if some of the claims which the President made are disputed. Throughout much of the proceedings, the Democrats sat motionless, looking solemn and, frankly, beaten.

Halfway through, we saw why Trump has been labelled the greatest showman global politics has ever seen. I am told that it is normal for certain distinguished guests to be in the Presidential box up in the gallery, but Trump involved members of the audience as well in a way that turned the event into a live TV spectacle to rival any popular program.

One distinguished guest present was Charles McGee, a 100-year-old Second World War fighter pilot, a member of the legendary Tuskagee Airmen group of pioneering African-American fighter pilots and an individual who the president said had flown more than 130 combat missions in World War II. McGee was asked to stand, so that his stunning achievements could be acknowledged. Even many Democrats felt compelled to join in with the ovation which this American hero so richly deserved.

Then there was Amy Williams, a North Carolina mother of two young children whose husband deployed to Afghanistan seven months ago. Noting the heavy burden placed on military families, Trump arranged for Mrs Williams’ husband, Sgt. First Class Townsend Williams, to join them. Watching their poignant reunion was a profound moment which, I am certain, affected everybody present.

Next the very graceful First Lady placed the Presidential Medal of Freedom around the neck of Rush Limbaugh, the biggest radio host in the USA, who had recently received a very bad medical diagnosis. This was the State of the Union turned into a fitting tribute to Americans from all backgrounds who show courage in many different ways. It was extraordinary. In fact, it was the best theatre ticket I’ve ever had.

By contrast, the female Democrats were all dressed in white, to draw attention to their perception that Trump is a misogynist. As they stood there they looked more like a bunch of naive students than a group of supposedly senior politicians. Enter Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker. By tearing up the copy of the speech given to her by Trump, she cheapened herself, degraded a great office of state, and made the Democratic Party look more like a protest movement than a serious alternative to government. I have witnessed petulant stunts like this before in British politics, especially within Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party, and we all know where it has ended up. Having moved so far to the left, it virtually disqualified itself from office at the last general election. Many believe the party’s future now hangs in the balance.

To make matters worse for the Democratic Party, the agony of Iowa was continuing. Its caucus had developed a new voting app, but it turned out not to work and the results were delayed day after day. I don’t think that President Trump could believe his luck at times this week…”


Democrat Party’s Red Scare has melted the media’s brains

Becket Adams:

“…The Democratic Party’s go-to excuse for why it lost a winnable presidential election in 2016 is that Moscow tricked U.S. voters with memes.

Since President Trump won the White House, major newsrooms have fully embraced the Russian interference narrative, meaning top journalists, including NBC News’ Heidi Przybyla, now see Russian agents under every doily.

It is like the Red Scare of the 1950s all over again, only dumber.

On Monday, at around 5:30 p.m., a Twitter user deployed the hashtag “#BloombergIsRacist” in response to the release of damning audio of 2020 Democratic presidential primary candidate Mike Bloomberg describing the controversial stop-and-frisk policies he championed as mayor of New York City.

As the audio went viral, the hashtag did likewise, which is exactly the sort of online response one would expect for remarks as controversial as Bloomberg’s.

However, for an obscure Twitter account that goes by the name “Ms. Krassenstein,” which is almost certainly being used by the anti-Trump activist brothers of the same name to circumvent a permanent Twitter ban, the anti-Bloomberg hashtag reeked of Russian interference.

Because, why not?..”


Will impeachment play in November?

Byron York:

“…The Democrats who impeached President Trump knew they did not have a prayer of removing him from office, but they also knew impeachment might have another effect: to weaken the president and reduce his chances of winning reelection in November.

It was an unprecedented plan, an election-year gambit in which Democrats used the House of Representatives’s constitutional power of impeachment as perhaps the most audacious opposition research maneuver of all time.

But will it work?…

…impeachment was big, and. even if it does fade from memory, Trump appears determined to keep it alive.

“The radical Left’s pathetic partisan crusade has completely failed and utterly backfired,” the president told a crowd of 12,000 at a rally in Manchester, New Hampshire, on the eve of that state’s primary. “While the extreme Left has been wasting America’s time with this vile hoax, we’ve been killing terrorists, creating jobs, raising wages, enacting fair trade deals, securing our borders, and lifting up citizens of every race, color, religion, and creed.”

After his “full, complete, and absolute total acquittal,” Trump will not let voters forget what Democrats did. But Trump’s purpose is not only to vent. On the campaign trail in the coming months, he will take care to place the Democratic impeachment in the context of his administration’s accomplishments, economic and otherwise.

By the way, Trump drew a capacity crowd of 12,000 in New Hampshire, dwarfing any crowd drawn by Democrats in their hotly contested primary. He did the same thing in Iowa just before the caucuses, speaking to a packed house of more than 7,000 in Des Moines.

In Iowa, Trump also put impeachment in context: He is doing the country’s work while Democrats are consumed with partisan rage.

“We’re having probably the best years that we’ve ever had in the history of our country, and I just got impeached!” Trump said. “Can you believe these people? I got impeached!”


Democrat for 20 years. Here’s what I experienced at Trump’s rally in New Hampshire

Karlyn Borysenko:

“…If you had told me 3 years ago that I would ever attend a Donald Trump rally, I would have laughed while assuring you that was never going to happen. Heck, if you had told me I would do it 3 months ago, I probably would have done the same thing. So, how did I find myself among 11,000+ Trump supporters in Manchester NH? Believe it or not, it all started with knitting.

You might not think of the knitting world as a particularly political community, but you’d be wrong. Many knitters are particularly active in social justice communities and love to discuss the revolutionary role that knitters have played in our culture.

As a casual knitter, I never really paid attention to this. I knit as a way to relax and escape the drama of real life, not to further engage with it, but for anyone who is active in the knitting world on Instagram, it became almost impossible to avoid it…

…I started paying attention after one man who was attacked got mobbed so badly that he had a nervous breakdown and was admitted to the hospital on suicide watch. There was something that was not right (well, so many things really) and it witnessing the vitriol coming from those who I had aligned myself with politically was a massive wake up call.

You see, I was one of those Democrats who considered anyone who voted for Trump a racist. I thought they were horrible (yes, even deplorable) and had worked very hard to eliminate their voices from my spaces by unfriending or blocking people who spoke about their support of him, however minor their comments. I watched a lot of MSNBC, was convinced that everything he had done was horrible, that he hated anyone that wasn’t a straight, white man, and that he had no redeeming qualities.

But when I witnessed the amount of hate coming from the left in this small, niche knitting community, I started to question everything…

…Fast forward to the New Hampshire primary and we have all the politicians running around the state making their case. I’ve seen almost every Democratic candidate in person and almost universally their message is one of doom and gloom, focusing on not only on the obvious disagreements with Donald Trump but also making sure to emphasize that the country is a horribly racist place…

…So I headed over an hour and a half before the doors were scheduled to open (which was 4 hours before Trump was set to take the stage) and the line already stretched a mile away from the entrance to the arena. As I waited, I chatted with the folks around me. And contrary to all the fears expressed, they were so nice! I was not harassed or intimidated and was never in fear of my safety even for a moment…

…Once we got inside, the atmosphere was jubilant! It was more like attending a rock concert than a political rally. People were genuinely enjoying themselves. Some were even dancing to music being played over the loudspeakers! It was so different than any other political event I had ever attended. Even Obama in 2008 didn’t feel like this.

I had attended an event with all of the Democratic contenders just two days prior in exactly the same arena and the contrast was stark. First, Trump completely filled the arena all the way up to the top. Even with every major Democratic candidate in attendance the other night, and the campaigns giving away free tickets, the Democrats did not do that. With Trump, every single person was unified around a singular goal. With the Democrats, the audience booed over candidates they didn’t like and got in literal shouting matches with each other. With Trump, there was a genuinely optimistic view of the future. With the Democrats, it was doom and gloom. With Trump, there was a genuine feeling of pride of being an American. With the Democrats, they emphasized that the country was a racist place from top to bottom…

… They don’t love him because they think he’s perfect. They love him despite his flaws because they believe he has their back.

As I left the rally (walking by thousands of people who were watching it on a giant monitor outside of the arena because they couldn’t get in), I knew that there was no way Trump was going to lose in November. Absolutely no way. I truly believe that it doesn’t matter who the Democrats nominate: Trump is going to trounce them. If you don’t believe me, attend one of his rallies and see for yourself…


American optimism vs. media despair

Greg Gutfeld:

“…How bad do Americans feel about life in America?

If you listened to the media and their favorite Democratic candidates, you’d say “bad, ugly bad.” You’d expect to look out the window and see breadlines and food riots.

That’s what Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., calls a “worker’s paradise” from the porch of one of his big houses.

But once again, the picture they paint and the reality lived by the rest of us diverge dramatically. That’s what happens when you invent despair.

Take Gallup’s annual mood survey. It reports that as Americans say they’re better off now than they were a year ago 74 percent predict they’ll do even better next year! That’s the most optimistic reading they’ve ever recorded.

So why the great mood amidst the gloom and the doom?

Well, perhaps we finally see the gloom-and-doomers for what they are: fabricators with a grudge against a country that built the colleges where they were brainwashed.

So while they paint an apocalypse with their bitter brush, the economy surges with amazing job and labor participation numbers. And not just for some, but for all. Women, black, teens, even “never Trumpers” and Democrats.

It’s great watching Republicans deliver on promises that the left could never keep. But there’s another reason for optimism as well.

Amidst the tweets and taunts, people forget that Trump is a cheerleader-in-chief. For years, he has been telling us how amazing America is. And that optimism is contagious, so much so that it’s reversing the negative charges of an anti-capitalist, anti-American press.

Trump shows us that solutions need not always involve blood or treasure. But by simply adjusting one’s outlook…”


Election May Offer Nation the Choice It Needs

Michael Walsh:

“…As the phantom candidacy of Joe Biden sinks slowly, lifelessly to the ground, the question increasingly on Democrats’ minds is not only which of their shrinking band of candidates can beat President Donald Trump but which of them can even stagger to the finish line. Of their remaining front liners, Pete Buttigieg is too young and cocky, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) is too old and phony, Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) too dowdy, Andrew Yang too weird. What remains are two outsiders, each of whom bears only a tangential relationship to the Democratic Party: opportunistic plutocrat Mike Bloomberg, a Democrat-turned-Republican-turned-independent-turned-Democrat; and “democratic socialist” Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), with no major party affiliation.

Amazing as it sounds, one of those two is likely to be the nominee…

…In 2016, Trump effected a hostile takeover of the Republican Party, demolishing more than a dozen party stalwarts, including the dynastic hulk, Jeb Bush. Sanders would have done the same to the Democrats in 2016, except that the Democrats rallied around their own Jurassic candidate, Hillary Clinton, and euchred Sanders out of the nomination that rightfully should have been his.

Now he’s back, for what he knows will be his final shot at the nomination. At 78, and having recently suffered a heart attack on the campaign trail, Sanders is five years older than Trump, and would far and away be the oldest man ever elected to the White House should he go all the way. He would also be the first openly socialist—some might say communist—candidate ever to win the White House.

The mainstream Democrats know this, too, which is why the party regulars are so desperately trying to stop him. To them, a Sanders candidacy would be an unabashed disaster, as Americans time and again overwhelmingly tell pollsters that they won’t vote for socialism. Sanders, they think, would get slaughtered by Trump in the general election, especially in the Electoral College. Insiders are hoping against hope that Klobuchar, the least controversial of their mainstream candidates, might turn out to be the silver bullet, but so far she’s failed to catch fire. Nor will she…

…A Trump–Sanders race, however, at least would be honest, and would give Americans a real choice. A stark contrast between gilded capitalism and redistributive “democratic socialism.” America First vs. America Last…”