Democrats have politicized and corrupted our justice system…

Pro-Life Christians Facing Prison Time for Peaceful Protest

“…While criminals are running free across our borders, four pro-life Christians are staring down prison time for praying at an abortion clinic in Tennessee.

Eva Edl, Eva Zastrow, James Zastrow, and Paul Place had charges brought against them for being part of a peaceful protest on March 5, 2021. They gathered on the second floor of an office building in the hallway outside the Carafem Health Center Clinic. The group prayed, sang hymns, and urged women showing up to the clinic to not get abortions.

It seems as though Edl, the Zastrows and Place violated the FACE Act (Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances) of 1994. They face up to a year in prison and thousands of dollars of fines. Their sentencing is on July 30, 2024…”