Green stupidity may have political consequences…

Electric cars will decide the outcome of the American election

“…If the President loses voters in key Midwestern swing states this election, he’ll have nobody to blame but himself. If Joe Biden loses to Donald Trump this November, he can apportion blame towards his administration’s many unforced errors, from the botched Afghanistan bug-out to the mess at the southern border. But the biggest blunder of all has yet to fully reveal itself: the ill-conceived drive to push electric vehicles into making up over three-fifths of all car purchases by the 2030s. Just last week the administration issued a draconian mileage requirement, one of many ‘nudge’ policies attempting to usher in an all-electric future. Replacing a massive $3 trillion industry with a singular technology represents a severe economic threat under any circumstances, but ramming through changes just as EV sales are slowing is nothing less than madness…”


The Lost Era of Reliability

“…We can no longer count on politicians, media or even the latest technology…”