They’d rather pretend it never happened. Liberal media is happy to oblige…

Biden Admin. reportedly failing to cooperate with IG probe into botched Afghanistan withdrawal.

“…Republicans are asking why the Biden Administration is allegedly attempting to obstruct the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction’s (SIGAR) investigation into the botched Afghanistan withdrawal.

In a letter to Inspector General (IG) John Sopko, Reps. James Comer (R-Kentucky) and Glenn Grothman (R-Wisconsin) state that the Biden Administration’s alleged failure to cooperate with the IG is leading to critical delays in Congress getting requested information.

Separately, the FBI is reported to have raided the home of an ABC News investigative producer, James Meek who was reportedly working on an investigation about the botched US withdrawal from Afghanistan. He is said to have since disappeared from public view, quit his job, and quit a book project he was working on.

The Republicans are asking for an immediate briefing to better understand obstacles prohibiting SIGAR from completing its investigation…”

Doug Santo