Kari Lake responds to Liz Cheney’s anti-endorsement…


Recent polling…

At the intersection of desperation and delusion is the reality that that’s all the Democrats have…

Desperate Biden Blames GOP for Attack on Paul Pelosi

Assailant ‘Used Same Chant’ as January 6th Protesters

Joe Tries to Distract From Crushing Inflation, Impending Red Wave


Obese, transvestite, health-admiral

Virtue signaling or money making? Both?

Tesla rival GM suspends advertising on twitter

Headline of the day – Garbage media edition…


Interview Fake Employees

Twitter employees hoax


Democrats, media jump the gun to pin Paul Pelosi assault on Trump, Republicans

Nancy and Paul Pelosi, New York City, April 23, 2019

Free Speech…

Psaki on midterms: “Democrats are kind of worried about where this is going, and it has felt worse in the last week or so”

Psaki on Defiant L’s:

Some measure of justice…

Twitter memes are exploding for Elon Musk!

I don’t like it when anybody gets fired. These self-righteous jerks had it coming!


Could not happen to a more deserving pile of garbage…

Layoffs Hit Far-Left CNN as Primetime Viewership Collapses to 512K

Nolte: Layoffs Hit Far-Left CNN as Primetime Viewership Collapses to 512K

Wife of Pennsylvania Democrat senate candidate is a race-obsessed kook!

Gisele Fetterman: ‘Historically, Swimming in America is Very Racist’

Gisele Fetterman

Nolte: 'Fetterman Is Fine' Exposed as One More Media Hoax

Biden is sticking with the “say anything” campaign strategy for the midterms…

Joe Biden Falsely Claims Gas Was over $5 a Gallon When He Took Office

Report: Biden Shifts Midterms Closing Pitch, Says Republicans Will ‘Trash’ Economy

Democrat techniques in New york…

New York Blocks Press Access to Empty Migrant and Overflowing Homeless Shelters

Randall's Island Humanitarian Emergency Response And Relief Center Is Shown To Media By NYC Officials NEW YORK, NEW YORK - OCTOBER 18: Beds are seen in the dormitory during a tour of the Randall's Island Humanitarian Emergency Response and Relief Center on October 18, 2022 in New York City. The …

Trafalgar has Republican ahead in Oregon Governor race…

OR Gov General – Oct 2022



Red Wave! Poll: Republicans Laxalt, Lombardo Lead with Hispanic Voters…

Poll: 21% of Black Voters Support GOP!

Red Wave! AZ Poll: Kari Lake Blows Guv Race Wide Open with 11-Point Lead

Biden tries to blame business for the effects of his policies.

Biden says Shell is misusing its profits by not cutting gas prices

Hatred and obsession have destroyed this woman…

Liz Cheney endorses Democrat Elissa Slotkin in Michigan House race

What do ya reckon?

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