Sanctuary City Democrat calls for National Guard on illegal immigrants. Biden’s border policy is a real winner.

Mayor Bowser calls for National Guard to deal with migrants, citing the ‘volume of arrivals.’

Tucker Carlson on fixing problems by redefining terms

Ministry of Truth

Wikipedia Editors Feverishly Change Article on Recessions to Match Biden Spin

Trump dominates straw poll

Trump dominates straw poll

“…78.7% attendees said they would vote for Trump. 19% said they would vote for Ron DeSantis, 1% said they’d vote for Kristi Noem, 0.5% said they’d vote for Mike Pompeo; 0.3% said they would vote for Ted Cruz, 0.3% said they’d vote for Nikki Haley; and 0.3% said they’d vote for former Vice President Mike Pence…”

You knew this was going to happen…

Wikipedia joins in the gaslighting! Online encyclopedia suspends edits to its ‘recession’ page after woke users changed definition to align with Biden’s claim that the US isn’t in one

“…Wikipedia has suspended the edit feature on its ‘Recession’ page after users flocked to amend it to concur with President Biden’s claim that the US isn’t suffering a downturn.

The page was altered at least 47 times over a roughly 24-hour period, with an administrator locking unregistered users out until August in an effort to curb what the encyclopedia website characterizes as ‘vandalism,’ and ‘malicious’ edits.

The edit-freeze comes as numerous members of the Biden administration have tried to argue the country is not in a recession by casting doubt on the word’s definition, which commonly agreed upon to be two consecutive quarters of negative economic growth.

One member made repeated edits to the Wikipedia page to insist there was ‘no global consensus’ on the definition of recession, in what appears to be a bizarre attempt to push White House messaging…”

Biden’s had it up to here!

Biden Rages: Americans Complaining About Inflation Forgot We Sent Them a Check for $8,000

Be Grateful, Peasants!

President Joe Biden speaks during an event to celebrate the passage of the "Bipartisan Safer Communities Act," a law meant to reduce gun violence, on the South Lawn of the White House, Monday, July 11, 2022, in Washington. (Evan Vucci/AP)


Governor Hairdo’s bravado is a fake…

Not a National Model — A National Warning

“…California’s outmigrants are bringing lots of income with them. The state shed an average of $270 million of annual income to Florida from 2010 to 2018. The annual loss jumped to $1.2 billion from 2018 to 2019, and then to $2 billion in 2019–2020. California’s losses, and Florida’s gains, have almost certainly accelerated in the intervening years. And Florida is not the only state picking up California exiles. The Golden State’s losses are at or near record levels with other states, too—in particular, states like Texas that Newsom targets with criticism.

Newsom wants Americans to believe that he has it figured out in California, and that the new American model for freedom is a progressive one. Yet his state’s aggressive population pivot has coincided almost precisely with his tenure as governor, making Newsom the first California leader to preside over a shrinking state rather than a growing one.

No amount of political rhetoric can mask California’s reality under Governor Newsom. Low-income students are being left behind, the rule of law is eroding, and residents are leaving in record numbers. The many former Californians watching Newsom’s ads in Texas and in Florida can only marvel at the hubris of the man…”

Biden – the U.S. is ‘not coming into recession’

Biden says US not in a recession despite two consecutive quarters of shrinking economy


Media try to provide cover:

WaPo, NY Times, CNN, Associated Press and more frame second quarter GDP numbers as fueling ‘recession fears’


The U.S. economy entered a technical recession on Thursday after GDP shrank for a second straight quarter

Matt Gaetz

Evolution in action – Nitwit edition.

Snipped in solidarity: the American men getting vasectomies after Roe – while they can/Following the supreme court’s abortion decision, urologists say more men are taking charge of their reproductive health, to permanent ends.

“Higher education”

Clarence Thomas cancels himself: Conservative Supreme Court justice quits George Washington University law lecturing role after 11,000 signed petition calling for him to be removed following overturning of Roe v. Wade

    • Conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was a teacher at George Washington University for 11 years
    • Students were informed on Wednesday that he wouldn’t be returning in the fall
    • This comes as a student-led protest petition garnered more than 11,000 signatures demanding his termination
    • A former teaching colleague of Thomas’s said the decision was ‘deeply concerning’ and that the 74-year-old judge was a victim of ‘cancel culture’

Is the CDC really bad at its job, or are they actively obfuscating and hiding information?

Why Is The CDC Hiding Excess Death Data?

There’s 50,000 Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) & cancer deaths that have gone missing.

Click over for an analysis. Well worth your time. 

Biological woman (as if there is another kind) wins woman of the year!

Columbia University fencer defeats Lia Thomas for “NCAA Woman of the Year” nod

Woke stupidity will not give up, however. Liberals are determined to prove that men make better women.

Establishment Media Goes full Baghdad Bob: Tries to Redefine Recession!

Biden Recession: GDP Shrinks for Second Straight Quarter

Experts Predicted Growth

With Biden redefining the word recession, it’s worthwhile looking at how his current advisors defined the term in the past.


Biden, instead of reversing his own policies that got us into this mess in under 18 months, will simply try to change the meaning of the word so that it no longer applies.

Media: “Okay, tell us what to say.”

Biden, Democrats, and media think you are stupid and won’t notice.

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Double vaxxed, double boosted, Covid positive. At least he’s living without fear. Vaccines have become a penitence in the liberal Cult of Covid

The disease mutated into infectious, but less deadly variants, as most do over time. Biden claims that is because of his policies. Sure, buddy.

Doug Santo