Liberals, Democrats, and self-important media personalities achieve otherworldly weirdness in their attempts to rationalize and make themselves comfortable with their perverse cult of the killing of the unborn

How Culture Got to the Point Where Saturday Night Live is Promoting Abortion in a Clown Outfit

Cecily Strong Defends Abortion Rights as Goober the Clown in Weekend Update Segment on SNL

Natasha Crain:

“…This weekend, Saturday Night Live cast member Cecily Strong played a character called Goober the Clown who had an abortion when she was 23 and now talks to people about how normal abortion is in between clown jokes.

Goober explains that it’s a “rough” subject, so she does fun clown stuff to make it more “palatable.” In the context of her skit, saying that it’s a rough subject wasn’t a tacit admission that abortion is in some way wrong; it was a condemnation of those who make it rough to talk about because they have a problem with it.

If you can stomach it, you can watch the 4 minute clip here.

Yes, the intentional killing of preborn babies has become fodder for a comedy skit—something literally worth clowning around about.

Every single one of us should be asking how on earth we, as a culture, have arrived at such a moment.

If we’re not asking that question, we’ve become completely desensitized to evil…”

Ms. Crain goes on in an attempt to understand this phenomenon, but I have no desire to understand this. I simply reject it. My thoughts on abortion are that it should be legal, rare, and restricted to the first trimester. It should be up to the voters, on a state by state basis, what the accepted societal norm is with respect to killing unborn children.