How long before this comes to the U.S.? Big Tech in cahoots with Big Gov to censor wrong think and disappear people who speak out.

China erases billionaire actress Zhao Wei from history

“…One of China’s most famous and richest actresses has been completely erased and the Chinese government is thought to be behind it.

She has millions of adoring fans. She’s worth billions of dollars. But Beijing has all but erased actress Zhao Wei from history. And they won’t say why.

Zhao’s name won’t be immortal. Her entire internet existence has been scrubbed.

All serials and chat shows featuring her have vanished from major Chinese online streaming sites. She no longer even appears in the online credits for the movies she appears in.

Discussing why is being censored on social media…”


In some ways it is here now.

Covering up Fauci’s role in COVID leak: Devine

Doug Santo