The level of commentary from Media and never-Trumpers

They will do and say anything to criticize the Trump Administration.

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  1. It’s eerie, in “I Robot” they would relieve the download of the new “Operating Instructions” their chest glow would change from blue to red and then you’re fighting robots. Just Sayin’

  2. they always have, the trouble for them is that they let the cat out of the bag

  3. I saw Frum speak at a forum in SoCal in 2009. The guy had just completely embraced the DC swamp by, among other things, leaving his wife and embracing a homosexual lifestyle.

    He spent most of his address blaming McCain’s loss on Sarah Palin. Truly an utterly clueless person, and sadly pathetic. He is completely unfamiliar with the country that exists outside the Beltway. Pitiful.

  4. So what he meant was, “nobody calls it the Spanish Flu anymore, at least not since 2016.”

  5. I don’t see the issue here. He said “nobody” calls it the Spanish Flu. He calls it the Spanish Flu. Seems a rare moment of self-realization on his part.

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