Long-Shot Beto

This is a great piece on media and democrats. Click over and read it.

Jim Geraghty:

“…The national media started sending correspondents to hang out with O’Rourke, and just about all of them fell in love with him: Vanity FairTown and CountrySpinGQ (twice!), BuzzFeed, Yahoo News, the New York TimesRolling StoneTime, the Washington Post (twice!), the Guardian, the Los Angeles Times, Bloomberg News, the BBC . . .

Correspondents seemed oddly fixated on his sweat. Politico swooned, “Sweat pours off his lean, 6-foot-4-inch frame.” In Vanity Fair, Peter Hamby described him “sweating through a button-down shirt at one of his jam-packed town halls.” The BBC wrote, “His toes are well over the edge of the boards” of the stage “and his suede shoes are soaking up dark splashes of sweat from his brow.”

It’s Texas. It’s summer. It’s hot. Everybody sweats at outdoor events.

Beyond their not-so-hidden partisan preference, many reporters want to discover the southern Democrat with national potential — Bill Clinton 2.0 — and write the first glossy profile piece of a future president. The piece will double as a book proposal, and the book will allow its author to spend the latter half of his or her career as a quasi-historian expert on a particular president.

Reading through all of these profiles as they emphasize the same points over and over again — He was in a punk-rock band! He skateboards! He’s handsome! He’s Kennedyesque! He speaks fluent Spanish! — one keeps waiting for the section that describes what makes O’Rourke actually unique among Democratic candidates. And that section never arrives…”