Broadcasters grant only 4% of Brett Kavanaugh news coverage to judge’s side of story: Study

It is not hard to figure out why Trump’s chant of fake news has gained traction. It is an accurate description. Much of the media is a biased disgrace.

“…After an exhaustive study, analysts have declared that TV news is “rigged” against Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

“During the twelve days since Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein publicly announced the existence of an unspecified allegation against Brett Kavanaugh, the ABC, CBS and NBC morning and evening news shows have spent nearly six hours (344 minutes) regurgitating various unproved allegations against the Supreme Court nominee,” wrote Rich Noyes, a senior analyst for, a conservative press watchdog.

“But only a tiny percentage of that coverage — a measly eight percent — has been devoted to Kavanaugh’s denials and the lack of corroboration for his accusers’ accounts,” he said.

Analysts combed through coverage from Sept. 13-24 to find that most of it centered on allegations made by Christine Blasey Ford; another 39 minutes went to three other accusers, the study found.

“Amid that sea of coverage, our analysts found the networks devoted a minuscule fraction on the key points that support the Supreme Court nominee’s case,” Mr. Noyes said…”