On the Kavanaugh Confirmation

Paul Mirengoff:

“…What to do? Unless the leadership believes this woman, it should press ahead with the confirmation process. Let Republican members sort out the mess. If GOP Senators defect ahead of the vote, the nomination should be pulled. If not, the Senate should vote.

If this claim sinks Kavanaugh, there should be enough time — almost three months — to nominate and confirm another candidate even if the GOP loses control of the Senate.

What not to do? Delay the proceedings. Democrats will demand that the hearings be reopened so they can question Kavanaugh about Ford’s claim. But Democrats had a chance to question him about the claims and failed to do so. In any event, Kavanaugh has issued a blanket denial. We know his side and we know the woman’s side.

If Kavanaugh can’t get to 50 votes unless the process is stalled — i.e. if swing Republican Senators demand delay — then his nomination should be pulled. The object here is to confirm a conservative jurist, not to confirm Brett Kavanaugh. Thus, the leadership should not agree to anything that will prevent confirmation of a nominee before the end of the year…”