California: Taxes, Feces, Poverty, But A Woman In Every Boardroom

“…Remember the good old days of politics? You know, when politicians used to promise a chicken in every pot?  In California, which has the nation’s highest poverty when factoring in cost-of-living, human feces lining the streets of its second largest city, the second-highest cost of living and the tenth highest tax burden in the country, they don’t worry about chicken. Their priority is shielding illegal immigrants from law enforcement, free health care for all, and now trying to run corporate America. The state is mandating that there be a woman in every boardroom.

On Wednesday, lawmakers in the Marxist sanctuary state of California passed a measure mandating at least one woman be placed on the board of every publicly-traded company in the state by the end of next year.  Failure to comply with the edict will be punished with a hefty fine — $100,000 for the first offense and $300,000 for subsequent offenses…”

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