Trump ‘trusted’ more than Democrats to boost economy, keep US safe


“…The takeaways found by Zogby Analytics: 

  1. Republicans are doing much better than they were a few months ago when it comes to the congressional generic.
  2. Republicans continue to make big gains with independents, small city voters, and union voters. President Trump is doing well enough among his base-men, older voters age 50+, Walmart Shoppers, NASCAR fans, voters without college degrees, rural voters, small city voters, plus, voters in general are happy with their current finances, and optimistic about the next four years for the economy.
  3. Since our last poll in June, the president has consolidated his lead over Democrats when it comes to who voters trust on issues of growing the economy and security.
  4. President Trump will need to get his numbers in the mid-forties percentage wise regarding who voters trust more “growing the economy and keeping America safe” among voters age 25-34, women, and independents. Trump will also need to receive strong support from his base to prevent Democrats from making serious gains in the November congressional midterm elections.
  5. Trump’s doing alright regarding his job approval rating, and is much more trusted with “growing the economy and keeping America safe” than Democratic leaders. He is also benefitting from a decent economy, a low unemployment rate and an inflated stock market. All of these factors can change pretty quickly. From now until November lots of things can change, and there is always lurking an “October surprise”, which could hurt Republicans…”