How Trump Turned Around Obama’s Anemic Economy

“…GDP growth is an abstraction. What people actually feel are jobs and “job security”—are they afraid of losing their job in the near future? And here, it could be argued, Republicans have an even better argument. Not only is unemployment down to 4 percent, but most Americans believe the U.S. economy is improving. In fact, the job market is so hot that, for the first time ever recorded, there are more job openings than unemployed workers to take them.

That feeling is buoyed by stories about employers dropping requirements for college degrees. According to at least one analysis, the share of job postings requiring a college degree is falling as employers struggle to find workers to fill open jobs. Some businesses are even hiring job seekers who fail the drug test, making drug treatment part of the employee package. That’s a job market that’s growing, not shrinking.

As President Trump tweeted, “Private business investment has surged from 1.8 percent the year BEFORE I came into office to 9.4 percent this year — that means JOBS, JOBS, JOBS!”…”

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