The Compassion is Selective

The democrat/media emotional fit over separating children from incarcerated illegal aliens achieves a new height of political hypocrisy. I congratulate them.

The intensity of the immigration debate on the left across many western countries, not just the U.S., can be explained by the observation that existing voters won’t give the left the power it wants, so they are attempting to import new voters. There is also the distraction affect that causes U.S. voters to loose focus on the IG report and political bias in the Obama FBI/DOJ/CIA. Left media can report on the monster Trump separating children instead of bias in government.

Paul Bedard:

“…Over 20,000 children a year are put into foster care because their American parents are taken to jail, 10 times the number of those separated when illegal immigrant parents try to sneak into the U.S. but are caught, according to a commissioner on the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. However, unlike the congressional outcry over President Trump’s zero-tolerance policy targeting illegal immigration, there has been no mass protest of or investigation into the separation of children from those in jail…”

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