New Evidence About Flynn Case

More evidence of trickery and deceit at the FBI. If a FBI or DOJ or intelligence official briefing President Trump, lied or knowingly withheld information from the president to confuse or hide what the FBI was investigating, that was as much of a False Statements Act violation as anything Flynn is accused of.

Byron York:

“…Now, with the Trump lawyers’ memo leaked to the New York Times, it seems clear that all the key players in the Flynn affair, including the president himself, were aware of the FBI’s assessment in real time. And the president’s knowledge — that the agents did not think Flynn lied, plus strong hints that the investigation was actually over — underlay Trump’s Feb. 14, 2017, statement to Comey that, “I hope you can see your way to letting this go, to letting Flynn go.” Trump’s lawyers argue that the president had no intention to obstruct an investigation he thought was finished.

The leaked memo portrays a confused White House in the administration’s early days, trying to figure out what the Justice Department was up to with its interest in Flynn’s conversations with Kislyak…”